Strawberry Cake

DSCF5635 (640x480)

I made this for my friends’ birthdays. Two evening in a row. (Both times, I took photo in the evening, so it’s not great photo… I want a good camera soon.)

This type of cake is ‘the birthday cake’ I grow up with. We call it, ‘Strawberry short cake’, but it’s not a short cake as you may know it. It’s a genoise sponge cake with fresh cream. Not a short bread biscuits. As this is a typical birthday cake in Japan, this was the first cake I learnt.

DSCF5648 (640x480)

(the second cake, oh dear, this photo is even darker. sorry.)

I grew red currents this year, but these are not my one. Mine finished some time ago, but a veg shop around the corner sells local red currents now, and it looks so big and lovely.

I bought a piping nozzle especially to do this decoration. It’s French one but bought on-line at Japanese baking shop and posted via my mum (thanks, mum!). I think it’s worth a hassle.

(July 2013)


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Cake

  1. I completely sympathise with your struggle with night photography – it drives me insane as well! I like your design – what tip did you use for the pattern on top? Looks like a petal tip but modified to me…looks great! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! Your photos look amazing to me! Lovely site you have.
      I use my small camera, but it’s not good for shooting indoor or in the evening or moving kids at all. Thinking of investing in a better one sometime soon.
      The piping tip I used here is called, St.Honore. It’s a name of French choux cake, and this tip is traditionally used to decorate the cake. It’s a kind of big tear drop shape, and mine is plastic with slit.

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