Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry rice dumpling)


DAIFUKU is a traditional cake in Japan. It’s sweet bean paste covered in thin stretchy rice dumpling. Sweet bean paste is often made with AZUKI beans and sugar, or you can get white one which is made with white INGEN beans.

It’s very soft, delicate and sweet.

ICHIGO (strawberry) DAIFUKU is a relatively new version, someone got an idea and put fresh strawberry in the DAIFUKU. Now, it is quite common and you can buy it at traditional Japanese cake shops in early Spring when strawberries are in season.

I never made this until this year. If I was in Japan, I would just bought one, not making one.

But, I am not in Japan, and if I want to eat one, I shall make it myself.

I wanted to make this with white bean paste this time, but I couldn’t find out which bean is INGEN bean in the UK, so I chosen to use Cannelloni beans. That worked well.


I was so chuffed that I could make this in Belfast, and when I was asked to do some cooking demo to Japanese girls here in May, I choose this recipe and we had fun making lots of these.

(May 2013)


3 thoughts on “Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry rice dumpling)

  1. 初コメントです。日本語で失礼します。

    1. 日本語、初のコメント、ありがとうございます。

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