Mango Coconut Panna Cotta

DSCF5680 (640x480)

A friend invited me to the Thai lunch, so I decided to make something tropical for dessert.

I tried this idea a few week ago, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted.
Mango part was bit too creamy rather being refreshing, and there was fat skin formed on top of coconuts panna cotta.

So, tweaked the recipe and ingredients a bit, and here it was. I am happy with this one.

Mango panna cotta – less cream, but added more orange juice instead. So, it was more like mango and orange jelly.

Coconuts panna cotta – changed from a can of coconuts milk to a can of cream of coconut (which had sugar and salt added). I am not sure if that was the issue but it worked. ( I guess I need to try a few more times to be sure. )

I put diced fresh mango in mango part and also on the top. And a bit of Passion fruits on top.

(Aug 2013)


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