Tin Loaf – plain white milk

DSCF5674 (640x480)


I make bread nearly every other day or so, but I still need to buy shop breads for sandwiches and toasts for kids (they are not so fussed about my hard crust bread).
Then, sometimes, I realise that I would not have enough bread for tomorrow’s breakfast or for lunch box.
I live just around the corner from local shops, so I could either go to the shop which is open till late, or send my husband to it,

OR make one myself.

DSCF5675 (640x480)

My boys love this bread, because it is soft and slightly sweet. It’s lovely to eat as it is with butter and jam when it’s freshly baked, and good for toasting a day after.

I bought the loaf tin in Japan, and it is what I know as 1.5 (one and half) loaf tin. It’s about 2/3 of shop bought toast bread. Good size for family’s one meal.

I use milk instead of water, as original recipe required milk powder and I didn’t have it. It also has some sugar and butter added for richness. (good for the taste, not so good for the health….)

(Aug 2013)


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