Cherry, Almond & Mascarpone Tart

DSCF5694 (640x480)

I bought some dark cherries, intended to make cherry crafoutis, but then, I was visiting in-laws and I thought a tart might travel better.
I also happen to have some mascarpone cheese.

After little look around in the web, I came across with this recipe, Blueberry, almond & mascarpone tart. (from BBC good food, originally from Olive magazine. )

I think the pastry recipe give me too much pastry for my pie dish, so I adjusted that.  And I changed blueberries to cherries (whatever quantity I had) .

It tasted a bit too eggy when we ate it warm on the day.
Then, next day, it was much nicer with more almond flavour coming through.

It was very nice, but I think it could be better.

If I am making this again, I would put a bit of almond essence in the filling, and roll pastry really really  thin. And add more cherry, and serve with cream.




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