Strawberry No Bake Cheese Cake


It’s getting a little colder each day in Belfast. Summer is going, and soon I have to let go my feeling for summer berries.

A friend of mine, also a  blogger, came for a coffee one Saturday. I haven’t seen her for ages, since we both worked on a call centre as a Japanese CSA some years back. We got in touch when I started this blog, as she already had a blog with and that was what inspired me to start blog here.

She mentioned that she loves strawberry, so I decided to make a strawberry cheese cake.

It was a rare cheese cake as we call it, not baked, set with gelatine.  (yes, I don’t eat meat but use gelatine in my baking… don’t judge, I never said I’m proper veg. )

It wasn’t perfect, but looked nice.

I made white wine jelly to cover the top, forgetting my husband doesn’t like white wine at all. Mistake.

Another thing was I used strawberry yoghurt, cos that what I had in my fridge, and I wanted to have a pink strawberry cheese filling anyway.
Never again. It should be plain one. It tasted slightly like strawberry flavouring.

This is a learning blog. Sometime, things go well, sometime don’t.
(Mind you, it wasn’t that bad. A cheese cake is a cheese cake, it was fine, honestly. otherwise I wouldn’t put it up.)

Anyhow, it was lovely to catch up with her over a cup of coffee.

Her blog is here. Seeking Sunshine

(Aug 2013)


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