Spelt Sour Dough

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I often bake my basic sour dough with bit of rye and wholemeal flour.
Recently, I purchased a bag of ‘spelt flour’, and tried new sour dough bread with this.

I used my normal sour dough starter, which is wheat only with 40% water mix.

The mix of this bread was, roughly…

wheat flour 100g
spelt flour 140g
sour dough starter 150g
salt 5g or so
water 110-130g or so.

Instruction on the flour bag told me that spelt flour raise quicker than wheat flour, so I need to watch and reduce the proofing time accordingly.
In the term of sour dough proofing, it’s hour not minutes.

I usually proof my sour dough 4-5 hours and shape into basket, then over night about 12 hours and bake 220C (as high as it gets in my oven).
But this time, it was slightly shorter. I did a bit less than 4 hours 1st proofing, and then 10 hours in basket.

I could smell different smell while proofing and baking, it is so interesting to use different flour.

P1060004 (640x481)

After baking, the taste wasn’t so different, but good flavour of sour dough.
I gonna try some more bread with spelt bread again.

(Aug 2013)

After long search and discussion with my husband, we finally bought new camera.

In the end, we decided on LUMIX GF6, a Compact System Camera, not DSLR, because I still need to carry around heavy kids’ bag everywhere, and DSLR will be too much.

I am photo beginner, so I still cannot use detailed setting, but with easy auto focus mode, I can take much more clear photos of my baking now.

This is the first bake pic I took with new camera. I love my new camera!!



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