Bear Cake – gluten free

P1060016 (640x481)

A friend of mine gave me an order for birthday cake for his son’s 1st birthday the other day. She needed a gluten free cake as a member of her in-law has wheat gluten allergy.

I’ve made cakes for her before, and it was traditional iced birthday cakes.
This time, I decided to make a chocolate cream genoise cake, like birthday cakes in Japan.

I use Dove’s Gluten & Wheat Free Plain Flour, which you can buy in a big supermarket in the UK nowadays. It contains flour of rice, potato, tapioca starch etc… Since this flour is made up of rice flour and other stuffs, I chose a recipe for a rice flour sponge which I found in Japanese recipe site.

Basically, it was genoise sponge recipe with less flour.

As far as I know, basic genoise sponge can be made with 30g of flour and 30g of sugar and about 15g of butter per 1 egg.

The recipe I used used about 20g each of flour and sugar per egg, and 15g of butter, which gives more moist soft crumb, even using gluten free flour.
I think eggs give sponge strength which gluten free flour doesn’t have. It didn’t crumble when it was cut to sandwich cream. (Gluten free butter sponge cake was really crumbly.)

l bake this cake in a mixing ball to give a head round shape and a small ramekin for ears.

P1060017 (640x481)

Cream is whipped chocolate ganache, and nose is a white chocolate ganache. I added a gluten free biscuits on side to write a birthday message.

P1060018 (640x481)

I was so happy with this cake, I promised my wee niece in Japan to make one for her when I go back there next time.

(Sep 2013 ***)


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