Apple and Blackberry Cake

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September already, and Autumn is here.

I like Autumn, I love the changing colour of trees, clear sky and slightly chilled air. And the most of all, I love the change in the food we make and eat.
Autumn fruits,  Halloween bakes, and all the sweet brown stuffs ( like chocolate, toffee, nuts and coffee which seem more tasty when it’s cold outside) make me happy enough not to moan about day getting shorter and shorter.

One of my favourites Autumn combination is Apple and Blackberry.

There is a nice big bush of blackberry among the hedges at my father-in-law’s. (It’s a bit of wild thing, so maybe it should be called Bramble rather than Blackberry. )

I picked some and made into sauce.

Then I used it to make this cake.

I used my normal butter sponge recipe, 50g butter, 50g sugar, 50g self-raising flour per 1 egg.

I used 2 egg for 18cm tin. (so, 100g of butter, flour, sugar) And I added about 10g of gluten free flour which was laying around in my kitchen, and mixed my home made blackberry sauce through.

I topped the cake with an apple, and baked. Then brushed with jam on top.

P1060037 (640x481)

Rustic but it was tasty. Perfect with warm cup of tea or coffee with friends.

(Sep 2013)


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