Pistachios and Rose Biscotti

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Biscotti = coffee time.

A friend of mine invited me for a morning coffee and chat the other day, and I thought about a little something to take with me.
She mentioned before that she loves having good cup of coffee, so I thought of making Biscotti.

I made plain almond biscotti before, but this time, I decided to use pistachio nuts which was waiting to be used in my cupboard for sometime, and teamed up with rose essence.

P1060055 (640x481)


Hard and crunchy, but nutty and rosie.
Simple baking, good for keeping in a biscuits jar.  (so simple that I could put this recipe on here!)


150g sugar,
150g flour + 1/2 tsp b.powder,
80g pistachio,
2tsp rose essence

1, mix sugar and egg well
2, add flour and b.powder
3, add nuts and rose essence
4, shape it into long rectangle, 1.5cm thick
5, bake in oven 170C for 30 min
6, cut into bars while it is still warm.
7. bake again at 150C, turning, for 15-20 min till it is dry and hard.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee!

(Sep 2013)



2 thoughts on “Pistachios and Rose Biscotti

  1. Weebirdie, this is an excellent recipe, ‘cos it’s simple yet I could already tell it’ll taste great. Can’t go wrong with pistachios or rose essence. And I love biscotti so I know this will turn out great. Thanks for sharing!

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