Diversity Day Fair Sale

A few weekend ago, a friend of mine invited me to participate in their community’s Diversity Day Fair.

It’s a community fair, with people from many different background selling their countries’ foods, showing some arts, and performing music and dance on stage.

I did this event last year as well, and I sold some traditional Japanese cakes and modern, French influenced Japanese cream cakes. It was fun to have a cake shop for a day, and also seeing Northern Ireland’s people’s reaction to traditional Japanese flavour like ANKO (azuki bean paste) or MACCHA (green tea).

This year, I couldn’t go to the fair myself, as I had another event I promised to go. But many Japanese friends were taking part, and I could ask some girls to take my goods and sell it for me.

I decided to make only traditional Japanese cakes this time, as many people were curious and brave enough to try traditional Japanese cakes last year.

And I made many TAIYAKIs and DAIFUKUs.

P1060080 (640x481)Those are TAIYAKI filled with ANKO (Azuki bean paste).

P1060081 (640x481)
I also made some Custard filled TAIYAKI, which was popular this year.
And some DAIFUKU (rice dumpling with ANKO). (see Strawberry DAIFUKU here)

ANKO in DAIFUKU is usually KOSHI-AN, very smooth, puréed and filtered bean paste.  (ANKO made with whole bean is called, TUBU-AN. TAIYAKI uses TUBU-AN)

This puréeing and filtering takes some effort. I got a blister on my finger while doing this process.
You can buy KOSHI-AN in powder form in Japan, which you can add water and sugar. I think I should use powder one if you are catering for large number again!

P1060082 (640x481)

DAIFUKU with sweet black beans on left, DAIFUKU with white bean paste with sweet chestnuts on right.

(Sep 2013)


2 thoughts on “Diversity Day Fair Sale

  1. 中身がカスタードなら、こちらでもウケそうですね。チョコレートもうけそう。私は、大判焼きのこしあんが好きです。。。

    1. そうなんです、売っていただいたものの中で、カスタードの鯛焼きが一番早くになくなったそうです。大判焼き、いいですねぇ。子供のころ、私はあんこがだめで、カスタードの大判焼きが好きでした。

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