Squirrel Coffee Hazelnuts Cupcakes

P1060221 (640x481)

I made two type of birthday cupcakes for my husband’s office the other day. This is one of them.
It is a slightly strange idea for me that the birthday person needs to take cake to school or office. But that’s how it is done here, so I shall take the opportunity and bake something interesting.

Recently, I saw a blog post of a cute squirrel cake topper by 100 days of Evelyn. Her work was so lovely and I really wanted to use her template for my baking.

(Here is her post about Squirrel Coffee Walnuts Cake)

I used her template, and copied 50%, so that it is small enough to be on cupcakes.  It was quite small, so I piped both sides (left side looking one and right side looking one) and used two together when decorating.

Roasted hazel nuts on top were dipped into hot caramel.
(5 tbs sugar + 2tbs water, and boil to make caramel)
Caramel set hard and looked great, but it started to melt slightly after a day or so, maybe due to the humidity in the air?

Cupcake base was simple coffee and walnuts cake, but with hazel nuts instead of walnuts. (just because I didn’t have walnuts in my cupboard!)

Cream was coffee butter icing.

(Sep 2013)


7 thoughts on “Squirrel Coffee Hazelnuts Cupcakes

  1. They look adorable on your cupcakes! I love how you shrunk them down – very cute. I’m glad someone is using my templates I was starting to wonder if it was a massive waste of my time lol.

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