Damson Cupcake

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Autumn flavour cupcake to celebrate Autumn birthday. This is Damson cupcake, made for my husband to take it to his office.

I made Damson jam some time ago when damson plum was out at my local veg shop. Damson is certainly taste of Autumn. You cannot get it any other time. I kept the jam in freezer and used it in this cake.

Base is Hummingbird bakery’s vanilla cupcake recipe, which you can find it on-line for sure.
(The humming bird bakery’s Cake Days, amazon uk link. I borrowed the book from library!)

This famous bakery in London uses interesting cupcake recipe. (Interesting to me!)

Normal basic butter sponge uses butter+sugar method; creaming butter and sugar first, then add egg, and flour in the end. This is how to make Victoria sponge, Madeira cake, Pound Cake, Fairly Cake, etc… all sort of butter cake.

But hummingbird recipe uses flour+butter method; mixing flour and butter (and sugar) first, and add all the liquid in afterwards.
It contains more sugar and milk , and less butter.
This batter is so runny, I use measuring cup to scoop into baking tin. It’s so different from other cake butter.

Anyhow, this recipe makes ‘cupcake’. It does taste like how ‘cupcake’ should taste in my mind. Not cake, not muffin but ‘cupcake’.

To make this damson cupcake, I cut the top of the cake and hid Damson jam inside. Sharp tangy home-made jam works really well with sweet cupcake with butter cream.
Topped with damson flavour butter cream, and then added Damson macaroon as a topper.

Macaroon is not my strongest point, I need to practice more.
I don’t make them often, and I forget how the batter should be, and always end up a batch of failed macaroon shells to be consumed before I can make a batch of presentable macaroon shells. (which is not that bad, as it tastes quite nice and keeps well in airtight jar. )

P1060225 (640x481)
Box packed to be hand delivered to my hard working husband’s office.

Squirrel coffee and hazel nuts cupcake and damson cupcake.

Happy Birthday!

(Sep 2013)


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