Chestnuts Rolls

P1060057 (640x481)
October came and I am in the depth of it.
Since around the time my first son was born in the end of October 2007, this month somehow became one of the busiest time for me.

A local music festival which I do small work with, my second son starting a playgroup, me starting to volunteer at a chocolate social enterprise, boys birthday party to organise, and Halloween costume to think about.
Busy busy busy in my head, but I am baking as usual, just didn’t having time to put it up here.

But that’s not it.

In fact, those tasks I mentioned above are just excuses.
Actually I stuck with trying to bake a decent baguette. Till I can make one handsome baguette I can present here, I shall post other bakings which I done before and during my tedious experiment on a lean mean bread.


Here it is, Chestnuts Roll.

Simply made sweet bread dough, rolled in French chestnut purée which my good friend gave me. The purée was already sweetened with vanilla flavour. I also added chopped sweet chestnuts I made last year for texture.

Fresh chestnuts will be in the shop soon, and I will be making Mount Blanc (chestnuts cream cake) again this year from fresh chestnuts. This purée is not what I like as Mount Blanc base. But those ready made purée are handy for quick baking and also when chestnuts aren’t quite in season yet.

A little Autumn flavour bun. yum.

(Sep 2013)


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