Caramel Chocolate Pear Cake

P1060306 (640x481)


A birthday cake for a good friend of mine.

Side sponge is layers of cocoa and caramel sponge, sandwiched with chocolate ganache. It’s a new technique I tried for a fist time. I think it went quite well.

It contains cinnamon poached pears, caramel mousse and chocolate mousse.
It’s not real mousse, as I didn’t use any egg for that part. I just used whipped cream and gelatine to make mousse like jelly.
Somehow, I still have this strange feeling against using raw egg in cakes.

Technically, if you warm egg yolk to certain point and also use Italian meringue, you should be safe to use raw egg (cos it is not raw any more) . But all those small efforts takes time. Some recipe book even omit those steps to make mousse safe to eat. So, I just simply avoid it till now.
But I think I might try next time…. it might be the time to up my skill.

P1060309 (640x481)

Bit messy picture, but here it is.

It cut well, but it was due to slightly too much gelatine, so bit more wobble next time. And I need to adjust quantity for each part as you can see.

All in all, I liked the cake, so I shall try again!

(Oct 2013)


5 thoughts on “Caramel Chocolate Pear Cake

    1. Oh, I need to work on the recipe. I’ll try to make it again sometime soon, and load recipe with more picutre. Decoration on the side is done by making square sheet of sponge (1 sheet each of cocoa and caramel), and make 2 strip each, about 5cm high each. Then sandwich with ganache (4 layer then), and slice it to 7mm-ish, and stand them up all around the cake tin. Dahhh… it’s quite simple but I cannot explain well with word. Need picture or something… I’ll try. Thanks!

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