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Barmbrack is a Irish bread, sweet and soft with lots of dry fruits.

You can buy it at local bakeries, some covered with icing, some with caster sugar and some with added cherries on top. My wee son loves choosing one from bakery’s window, and give me a very precise order, “the one with icing with 3 cherries on top”.

Apparently, this bread is eaten at Halloween time in Ireland, with hidden object in it. (ie, coin or ring etc…) It’s fortune telling game like French’s Galette des Rois on Epiphany.
To be honest, I’ve never heard of it till I searched the recipe and found out about it, and neither my husband who born in Northern Ireland.
It might be ‘South’ thing, as some websites told me that bakeries in Dublin sells Halloween Barmbrack with a toy ring in, at this time of the year.

Barmbrack I wanted to make is bread with yeast. (Some recipe I found were a fruits cake with baking powder. )

It’s a simple bread, using butter and sugar to enrich the dough. I added brown sugar and tea for taste.

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Eat sliced and buttered, with a cup of tea.
That’s how you should eat Brambrack.

[Recipe Memo: just quantity I used, make as you make sweet bread.]

225g strong flour
12.5g butter
25g soft brown sugar
1tsp yeast
1/4 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp nutmeg

175g raisin, sultana or current (which ever you like)
25g cherry (if you like peel, you can use peel. we don’t, so use cherry)

150ml warm tea

(Oct 2013)


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