Cowboys’ Birthday

My annual baking marathon had been completed. It’s for a birthday party for my boys, whose birthdays in the end of October and early November, just 10 days in between.

Since my first son hit first birthday, 5 years ago (now he is 6), birthday party became a big annual bake off time for me.
We invited as many friend as possible to fit into our house then, and celebrated his first birthday together with Halloween, with lots of Halloween themed party foods and cakes.

This year, my boys wanted to be cowboys. So, my baking theme was set.

P1060375 (640x481)For my beloved cowboys, I baked some treats. I didn’t have a chance to take any photo, so I asked my husband to take some shots.

P1060381 (481x640)Apple and toffee cupcake.
(I will make a post about this one separately later. )

P1060383 (481x640)Horse shoes Ginger biscuits. (which some kids took star decoration off) I also made some big American style choco chip cookies, which was more popular than ginger one. (sorry no photo)

P1060387 (640x481)Animal pop cakes, sheep, pigs and hens. I made this as birthday cake decoration for my wee one last year. It returned again with improvement (ie: marshmallow hiding inside).

P1060385 (640x481) This one is for my elder son, A, who loves chocolate cake. He doesn’t have sweet tooth, but chocolate seems to be exception. 

P1060384 (640x481)Birthday cake for my wee one, J.
This is basic Victoria & jam cake, made with cow pattern.

Birthday party can be one of stressful time for many parents. Beside dairy routine of work (if you do) and house chore, we need to organise so many aspects of the party. I really enjoy it, but it is stressful indeed. I baked so much, and thought about baking so much more beforehand. It’s crazy. The house was mess, chaos that was.

But it all worth it when kids are having fun, and parents enjoying catching up. I love the feeling of those social party.

How many more years we can have this fun, I don’t know. They might soon prefer to go out with a few friends on their birthdays. Till then, I shall enjoy those mad baking session.

(Nov 2013)


6 thoughts on “Cowboys’ Birthday

    1. ありがとうございますー。一ヶ月前くらいから、あれこれ、テーマにあわせて何をつくるか・・・いろいろ考えていて、結局、思っていたのの、3分の2くらい現実化して、満足といったところです。今回、今までのハロウィーンとは違ったテーマで用意していて面白かったです。

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