Toffee Apple Cupcake

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I grew up with apples. My parents grew apples (and me + 2 sisters) in a small countryside town in the middle of Japan.
We loved apples; we used to eat apple my parents grew nearly every day.
Now, in Belfast, my own family eat apple everyday. My boys loves eating apples sliced up in their snack bowls, and my husband takes an apple a day to his work, every day, all year around, thanks to all the apple growers in the world.

But certainly, apple is a thing of Autumn.

Autumn birthday party calls for something ‘apple-ly’ on the menu.
For this year’s kids’ birthday, I made ‘Toffee Apple Cupcake’. (Apple + caramel cupcake, but toffee sounds better with apple)

P1060382 (481x640)
(Actually, I didn’t get to taste finishing products, but cupcake itself was good, so I think it was fine.)

The cake base is ‘hummingbird bakery vanilla cupcake’ minus vanilla, plus a bit of ground cinnamon and chopped apple.
I used 1 dessert apple, and diced into very small cubes. 

Cream is butter icing + bit of caramel cream.

Topped with more caramel cream and dusting of cinnamon on one side.

Caramel cream is simple thing, but I love the taste of it. It’s not sweet as shop bought tin caramel, and I can adjust the bitterness of it. I like it very slightly bitter. I found the shop bought caramel/toffee lacks that slightly burnt sugar flavour which I love.

[Caramel Cream]

sugar 80g
water 25cc

double craem 100cc

1. Make caramel: put water and sugar in a pan, bring to boil. Don’t touch. Heat till all the sugar melted and change colour to light brown.

2. Just before it reached the colour of caramel you like, turn off the heat, pour in cream. It will boil up again, so be careful! Stir and cool.

3. Once it is cooled, you can use it for anything you like. Keep in a fridge.

(Nov 2013)


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