Rustic Fig Tart

P1060297 (640x481)
I made this tart some time ago, when fresh figs were on sale on my local green grocers. I don’t see it any more now, so, sadly, fresh fig season must have gone.

I like figs in salad, with goat cheese and wall nuts. After I’ve made a few fig salad of the season, my husband asked for a sweet fig dish.

So, I experimented with 1 1/2 fig I had left, and made this small rustic tart.

The base is shortcrust pastry, which I made very roughly, so there is no recipe.
I lay it into small round edge tart dish (16 or 18cm). I left edge uncut.
I put some hedgerow jam (mix of apple, blackberry, black current, etc…) on base, and filled with frangipan, then topped with sliced fresh figs.
(Frangipan is almond cream/sponge, simply made with 1egg, 50g sugar, 50g ground almond. )
After filling inside, I just rolled the edge of the pastry inside way, so that I don’t waste any pastry. It’s a simple rustic tart after all.

When it is baked, it came out of the tart case very well, like a small fig parcel.

P1060299 (640x481)So, I packed it up, and took it to my friend’s for coffee.
My husband who asked for sweet fig dish in first place didn’t get any! Sorry. x

(Oct 2013)


4 thoughts on “Rustic Fig Tart

    1. コメント、ありがとうー。ざっくり、素朴なのもいいよね。イチジク、私は地元ではあんまり食べたことがなかったのだけど、最近は育てている人、いるのかなぁ?

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