Veg NIKU-MAN + ANN-MAN (Chinese Steamed Buns)

P1060487 (640x481)
I went to one of those ‘all you can eat’ restaurant some time ago, and found Chinese steamed buns at dim sum section.

We eat those buns in Autumn and Winter time in Japan. You can get all sort of different filling, (including something like cheese or pizza , which probably horrifies Chinese people) but my favourite is classic meat one or AZUKI-Beans one.

Now that I don’t eat meat, choosing a steam bun from un-labeled dim sum basket was like Russian roulette game.
The ones I got were filled with sweet potato (quite nice), and then custard (oh no, wasn’t nice, want to eat AZUKI bean one), and then custard  again (I gave up.)

This gave me an idea to make one myself. Sweet potato one like the restaurant, or Azuki beans one which I wanted to eat, or even vegetarian version of meat one!

Internet is wonderful place.
I chose the dough recipe which contains both yeast and baking powder, from many steam bun recipes on line. Once you got the dough recipe, filling is up to me.

P1060484 (640x481)
First of all, I made those sweet potato ones.
I thought my little son might eat some vegetable this way. But he didn’t. He ate outside and gave me sweet potato paste. My husband didn’t like sweet potato filling either, it wasn’t sweet enough. I shall make it sweeter next time.

Then, I made those Veg meat one.

P1060575 (640x481)

P1060576 (640x481)
I used meat bun recipe I found on-line, and substitute mince meat with chopped up veg sausage.  I think veg sausage meat is better than veg mince here.
The result was great, this was what I was looking for. My sons and my husband were happy with this type.

Then, I made Azuki bean filling one, but ate them all before I took photo.
I shall make some more soon. 🙂

(Nov 2013)


2 thoughts on “Veg NIKU-MAN + ANN-MAN (Chinese Steamed Buns)

  1. おお~、いいですね、これは!私は、肉まんとカレーまんが好きでした。日本のコンビニが、懐かしいなあ。寒いこの時期にもってこいですね。

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