Apple Tarte Tatin


I hadn’t made tarte tatin until this year. I always thought I cannot make it because I do not have a frying pan which can be on the hob and into oven, as many recipe suggest to do.

I love the combination of  fruits and caramel, so I was missing out something which could be one of my favourite dishes.

So, I decided to try without oven safe frying pan.

Simply doing caramel on frying pan I have, and then transferring whole apple and caramel into oven safe pie dish and cover with puff pastry.
And it works!

I did apple tart tatin this year twice. One ended with too many liquid, so changed recipe and it was success as this picture.

The recipe I referred is this one,
The Guardian: How to Cook Perfect Tarte Tatin

I used Pink Lady apple I had and home made puff pastry.
The article tells you how to reduce liquid of apple by cutting and putting it in fridge overnight before cooking. Interesting!

Sadly, I forgot  to add cinnamon, but it was good dish anyhow.

One of my friend made me pear tarte tatin in same day, which had whole lot of flavour with cinnamon, star anise and vanilla. It was delicious!

I need to remember to put spice in next time, and I shall try making one with pear as well. (I did Banana one before, which was quite nice too.)
Oh, I knew it will be one of my favourite!

(Nov 2013)




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