Christmas 2013

Hello 2014!
As this is a first post of 2014, I shall say, A Happy New Year! to all, although it is already 1 week past from New Year day, and home life is back to normal.

We had a great relaxing Christmas and New Year this year, as my boys had chicken pox.
First my wee one caught it in mid December, missing his first ever Nativity play, and then spots appeared on my older son right on Christmas Day. Both were fine after a few days, and they were wee fighters, they didn’t complain much.
Chicken pox meant that we are closed in, not going shopping on Boxing day, not visiting relative or friends (not that we have many people to visit in first place). We liked lazing about in the house, playing games with boys and watching kids’ movie on TV. It was good Christmas.

I am from Japan, but I take Christmas seriously. (not in proper religious ways… just in a way of cooking and stuffs…I mean)

So, here is the record of some of stuff I made for Christmas this year,

P1060712 (640x481)
Ginger bread man’s house

P1060713 (481x640)
I like putting a candle in, it smells so sweet and gingerly. Very Christmasy.

P1060683 (640x481)
Mince pie. I made mince meat (dry fruits mixed with apple, vegetarian suet, and spices. No meat) for first time, but didn’t know that I needed to make it about 2 month before making pie!

P1060642 (640x481)
Christmas Cake.
I use good quality shop bought marzipan and ice it with very thin royal icing. I always try to make it 2 month ahead, and it it mature, but October is busiest time for my house. This year, I just manage to make it about 2 weeks  before.

P1060736 (640x481)
Sour dough stollen.
I made stollen last year, but this year I made it with my sour dough starter.

P1060737 (640x481)

P1060719 (640x481)
Christmas breakfast croissants.
Ahhh I really love croissants on special day. I was going to buy it from supermarket. But on Christmas eve, when my hubby was sent to get some, it was sold out!! So, I made it myself! I rested them in the fridge after formed, baked in the morning.  yum

P1060734 (640x481)
This is our family’s alternative to a tradtional Christmas pudding.
We like Christmas pudding but it can be heavy after big Christmas meal. So my husband requested this pudding  a few years ago. It’s normal steamed sticky toffee pudding with dry fruits and spices. I can cook it very quickly, and it delicious served warm with cold cream. Oh yum.

P1060761 (640x481)
Galette des Rois
This is not UK tradition, but I made it anyway, to celebrate the end of Christmas holiday. It is commonly eaten on 6th January, it is puff pastry filled with frangipan (almond cream) with hidden charms inside.
I made this pie on Sunday 5th, as it was last day of my son’s holiday and we took out all the Christmas decoration.
I used shop bought puff pasty and added left over mince meat (dry fruits mix) inside as well as traditional frangipan (well, it was still 11th day of Christmas!)

That was the end of my Christmas baking.
I really enjoyed Christmas holiday this year, although I was baking madly just before Christmas to make up some biscuits & macaroon as gifts and stuff like that. We relaxed and eat and relaxed.

Now, it is the time to think about what should I do with this Christmas belly.


3 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

    1. ありがとうございます。クリスマスのお菓子たち、一年に一度と、いろいろ楽しみました。ペルーのクリスマス菓子とかってあるんでしょうかね?

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