Pumpkin Doughnuts

P1060553 (640x481)
Who doesn’t like home-made warm doughnuts?

These are made some time ago, especially for little ones who don’t like vegetables.

I put some pumpkins purée in the dough. I used tinned pumpkin which my friend gave me.

Pumpkin is not common vegetable in the UK. It only appears in the shop around Halloween, as curving pumpkins. No one seems to know what to do with them. I usually make pumpkin pie once in the season, and I will forget about them.
Those yellow pumpkins are not at all like Japanese green pumpkins which have harder fresh and more floury texture when cooked.  The yellow one is softer, and when it is cooked, it is mushy and watery, bit like mallow.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot make anything else than just a pumpkin pie. Ahh, to be honest this idea only came to me when a Canadian lady brought ‘pumpkin loaf’ (cake) to a party. Yes,  North Americans know a thing or two about those yellow pumpkins.

So, here we go, I just mixed some tinned pumpkin purée in the sweet doughnuts dough. I adjust water because the purée is quite watery. (Sorry I cannot give you any quantity, as I cannot remember at all… a few month ago I made those. Backlog of pictures I wanted to put it up. )

P1060555 (640x481)
I wonder the goodness of pumpkin will counteract the badness of fried doughnuts?
I made those for my little ones who don’t like veg for snack, but I fallen into this muddle… maybe it wasn’t healthy snack after all. Maybe, just maybe, I should have eaten it all up, so that my kids can stay healthy. yum yum.

(Nov 2013)


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