Buckwheat Biscuits

At Christmas, my husband gave me a very large mixing bowl with lots of goodies inside it, like a hamper.
The goodies inside were some chocolate, interesting sweet syrups like rose hip and pomegranate, dry yeast for my bread making, herbal tea I like to drink before bedtime, buckwheat flour and rice flour etc… Interesting, indeed.

As a Japanese, when I saw a big bowl and buckwheat, I instantly thought of SOBA noodle.
And yes, I tried to make it myself but without  good results. SOBA making is an art itself. My noodle tasted like SOBA, but it was cut into small bits once boiled and didn’t hold shape of noodle. (Usually soba is made of 80% buckwheat 20% wheat, but I even tried 50%, but no success of holding shape.)
It seems that buckwheat has to be freshly grounded to make decent SOBA noodle, according to some websites. Or maybe buckwheat here is not exactly same as buckwheat in Japan. Or maybe much more simply it is me.

So I decided to use rest of my buckwheat flour for something else.

P1060803 (640x481)

Ta darrrr, I made biscuits.
A lot easier than Soba noddle.

It’s a mix of buckwheat and a bit of spelt flour with walnuts.
I shaped dough into rectangle bar and frozen it for a few hours. Then I cut it into thin slices to bake.

I often use chilling & cutting method to make biscuits, but I never actually frozen them completely to be able to cut so thin.
It is slightly exciting. It opens some doors, the doors for ‘thins’ and ‘crips’ sort of biscuits.  (I know I am a bit mad.)

This biscuits has nice buckwheat flavour, simple gentle sweetness on its own. Or you can sandwich chocolate hazelnuts spread between two biscuits, like my husband.

Recipe (not so detailed. sorry.)

melted butter    50g
cooking oil         40g
icing sugar        120g
egg L                         1
walnuts                30g
buckwhat flour 200g
spelt flour          50g

1. Mix butter and oil and sugar.
2. Mix egg.
3. Then mix flours and walnuts.
4. Shape into rectangle log, and freeze.
5. Cut thinly, about 3mm. Spread on baking mat.
6. Bake in 180C oven, till slightly coloured.

(Feb 2013)


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