Raisin Natural Yeast Starter Dough

I got a new pet.
It is very active, but very quite.
It is growing bigger and stronger each day since I got it.

It was born from raisins.

Like this,


This time, I followed the method written in natural yeast baking book from Japanese baker, Masako Takahashi.
(My first sour-dough pet which I’m keeping nearly a year is made with the method from Paul Holywood’s book. )

Raisins are soaked in water left in warm spot in the kitchen for nearly 10 days. (This picture was taken after I took half of the liquid for next process, so it is hard to see.)

I just needed to open the jar each day and shake is very gently.
It took about 10 days, at windowsill of my kitchen just above a radiator. My house temperature is set on 18C during day, and it will go down to 10C or below?? (I really don’t know, but it is not that cold in Belfast now, minimum temperature outside  is about -1 to +3C.)

Slowly lots of small bubble appears on the surface from nowhere and it shows that natural yeast is active inside.

Once it is ready, it was mixed with some flour to make starter dough.

Then after a half day, it grew.

Loooooook! It grew!!
Lots of air bubble in the dough, and yeast is very active.

Then, it went to rest over night in the fridge.

Next day, same process continued to make this starter dough stronger.
Adding bit more flour and water, mix and leave it in warm place.


It was left for 4-5 hours this time.

Then back to fridge to rest over night again.


nce it became big as this, it went back to fridge to rest again.

Same thing again. It rose steadily, and in 2-3 hours, it became big as this.

Then, I kept it over night in the fridge again. It grew while it is resting in the fridge as well.

(Day5) After resting overnight.
It’s grew so much,  I can see so many air pockets and looking very promising.

Ready to make bread now.
(FEB 2014)



7 thoughts on “Raisin Natural Yeast Starter Dough

  1. すごい!まるで、小学生の自由研究のような感じ!?記録をつけるのが楽しそうです。大切にしてあげてください。

    1. そうなんです、本当にそういえば自由研究にいいですね。子供のころは、自由研究のテーマなんかぜんぜん考えられなかったけど、大人になると、いろいろ興味が出たり、不思議ですねぇ。(今、自由研究することになったら、こんな天然酵母の研究かうちの猫の行動範囲とかを調べたいです。)

    1. Ahh, I think people doesn’t put pictures of sour dough starter because it isn’t particularly glamorous! This is raisin one, very strong and active, and the starter is quite dense like dough of the bread. My other starter was made with apple+flour mix and kept more wet consistency, it raise slowly and not so active even I refresh it regularly, but it give me dense rye with flavour. I am trying and learning about sour dough, so it is nice to meet other sour dough baker!

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