Valentine, Heart Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake etc

P1060824 (640x481)
Heart shape cake for my Valentine. (=My husband)

Last Friday, St. Valentine’s Day, I heard BBC radio mentioning that in Japan it is women who give chocolates, and it is for all the men in their life, not just for boyfriends/husbands but also dads, brothers, friends, teachers, co-workers, bosses etc…
Yes, that is kind of true.
BUT they missed the vital information; there is a day called “White day” in Japan, 14th March, men who received the gifts on Valentine’s day need to give some gifts in return (often more expensive one).
There you go,  Japanese girls aren’t that kind to give chocolates for nothing, you know.

In our house, we do Valentine’s day in UK way.
We exchange cards, my husband usually treats me for chocolate and flowers, so I try to cook something nice for dinner, as going out became impossible since we got boys.

This year, I got a cute card, a bunch of UK grown flowers (it smells so lovely), and a big box of chocolate from my husband.
P1060834 (640x481)

The chocolate was from a company called, Artisan du Chocolat, of which he gave me a box some years ago and I really liked and requested this year.

Oh, this chocolate is special.
P1060836 (640x481)
Isn’t it beautiful?
I just went “Uuuuuu” and “Arrrrrrr” by just looking at them. 

I am so easy to be pleased for anything if someone give me a gift. Gift is gift, I do appreciate the fact someone wanted to give me something. I am not fussy.
But really, I am hard to please when it comes to cakes and chocolate.

Thank you so much, my lovely husband!

In return, I baked you a cake.  (Is that fair exchange? I am not sure.)

P1060827 (640x481)
Ta Darrr!!

It’s chocolate mousse and raspberry mousse on flour-less chocolate sponge.

P1060832 (640x481)
 like the sharpness of raspberry with sweet chocolate. I might have put slightly too much raspberry mousse, if you wanted real chocolate kick. But I knew we were having chocolate box (I bought a box of dark chocolate for my husband from my volunteer work), so I liked it to be fruity rather than being heavy chocolate.

I think the cake got good shine and texture. The side could be neater, but considering it is first time I did this coating, I’m happy with the results.

Happy St.Valentine, till next year.

(Feb 2014)



11 thoughts on “Valentine, Heart Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake etc

  1. That’s a pretty cake you made for your hubby, weebirdie! I think it’s a fair exchange. His chocolates may have cost more but your cake was homemade! 🙂 Btw, just want to let you know that I’m hosting a weekly blog party called Fiesta Friday and would love to introduce you to my other blogger buddies, so would you like to join us? It’s a fun virtual get-together! XOXO

      1. You can still join the current party but I find that later links don’t get as many views as early links. The best time to link would be Friday and Saturday. That’s when most participants are actively viewing and “partying”.

    1. ありがとうございます!ベルファストにはこのチョコのお店はないのですが、ロンドンにはもちろんお店があるらしいので、ぜひ覗いてみてください。

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