Fair trade Fudge Favour

Finally done it!
After many tries and fails, I managed to make 160 favour for a Charity Gala.

I am a beginner of fudge making. I checked the web and tested some fudge recipes, and found suitable recipe to use (fudge testing).
I measured the square tins and calculated how to multiply the recipe.

But when I cooked a batch of chocolate fudge, I found there was too much fudge for a tin.

Wondering why, I checked calculation, and it was correct.
I did another batch of raisin one, and it was too much again.

Then I realised that I measured the tin wrong. I used 15cm ruler, and I thought it was 33cm tin. But actually it was 28cm. Terrible mistake!!

Chocolate fudge was fine, as I can cut harden fudge into the size I wanted, but raisin one was tricky one to rescue. The raisin fudge was too thick and soft to cut into small cube.

I had to give up this batch (I kept them to use for something else, off course!) and made new one with accurate measurement.

I found the sugar fudge was a bit soft when it is just made but it settles into good (still soft) texture.

So, here it is.  After some hard working evening, I made those…

P1060880 (640x481)
Three chocolate fudge cubes and three rum & raisin fudge cubes per pack.

P1060876 (640x481)
160 of them. (this box on picture just have half.)

P1060879 (640x481)

It is made to celebrate UK’s Fair-trade Fortnight, with lots of fair-trade ingredients to showcase.

Phew, I done it.
I have done for some quite big baking before, but 160 favour made and packed was quite a record for me.

As a treat, I went to a ball on Thursday night. (not even on the weekend!)

The event I catered the favour for was a charity gala, a formal dinner party, and I was invited to join in.

I was first time for me to go to one of those fancy party, and I was quite excited but also worried.

Actually more nervous about my clothes than being stressed about finishing making the favours, since a friend invited me dropped a line “Have you got your gown? Evening or long cocktail?”


NO. I haven’t got any ‘gown’.  I already bought a red short dress.

I own a few dresses; mostly casual, a few light silky ‘friend’s wedding’ sort of one (wedding can often happen in summer),  and also a light weight Little Black Dress, and a thicker Autumn/Winter LBD which I actually worn for the friend’s father’s funeral.

I’d been to a shop and bought one red dress which I thought it looks good and formal-ish. But I haven’t really thought much about dress code.

The invitation letter said it was ‘formal, black tie optional’.

Oh dear, I searched the web madly if my dress qualify for a formal dinner.
And what about the shoes and the bag? accessory? coat??

In the end, it was all fine.
It’s Belfast anyhow, not Hollywood.

When I was all dressed up and ready to go, with a red dress and red lipstick, my 3 years old asked, ‘Why mummy looks like someone else?’

Was that a compliment? Or not?


The Gala was for IJM (International Justice Mission) Belfast, as you can see on the picture of favours.
Very good work they do, bringing justice and law enforcement to people who lives in developing countries. They work  hard against gender claims, forced labour, corruption etc…

As a student I studied about international development, it was very interesting to hear about the work they do.

This Saturday is International Women’s Day, there are so many women still out there in the world  without any law or law enforcement to protect them from gender violence.

(Feb 2014)


3 thoughts on “Fair trade Fudge Favour

    1. Thank you, Rika-chan! Actually I didn’t take any photo at the party, as my phone isn’t great at taking photo in dark room. ‘Telegraph Woman’s of the Year’ party was going on upstairs of same hotel, and they looked much more glamorous with professional photo shoots and all!!

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