Pancake Tuesday 3 ways

It’s Pancake Tuesday!
I didn’t know about this tradition until I came to the UK.

It’s Shrove Tuesday, a start of Lent. In the UK, people feast on pancake on this day and keep away from any more sweet stuff like chocolate/syrup/sugar (or rich food like butter or cream) till Easter. (People do lent on anything nowadays, coffee, alcohol, smoking, TV, Facebook, etc… )

I wonder how widely Shrove Tuesday is celebrated as ‘Pancake Tuesday’. I’ve heard about Easter when I was living in Japan, but not about Pancake!

I do like celebrating thing with food, and I like pancake, so we are doing ‘Pancake Tuesday’ at my household, in 3 ways!

My kids like pancakes, and especially love small round chocolate chip pancake.

P1060901 (640x481)Banana and yoghurt pancake with milk chocolate bits for breakfast.

I lost the recipe, but it is mix of 1 mashed banana, a few tbs yoghurt, some  flour, 1 tsp baking powder, a bit of baking soda, some milk, and 1 egg.
It’s pancake, so I just adjust as I go.

Then my husband’s favourite is lemon&sugar, and I think this combination is best on large soft pancake.

P1060899 (640x481)
These were for my husband’s breakfast.

I do not have recipe for this one, egg, milk, flour and baking powder. Slightly runny consistency, but not too runny as crepe batter.

My favourite will be crepe, with cream and fruits or chocolate. But that wasn’t what I made today, two different type of pancake were certainly enough for school day breakfast.

So, I made buckwheat galette for dinner.
(The recipe I used for pancake is from here.  Galette Bretonne Au Sarrasin, I just used galette part.)

P1060902 (640x481)

Then I rolled it up with spinach and cheese mixture and topped with cheese sauce and baked.

P1060903 (640x481)

P1060904 (640x481)

I’ve eaten something like this when I was home-staying with French Canadian family in British Colombia long time ago.
I don’t remember how it was called or if it is known dish or maybe a unique invention of that family?

My 6 years old son who loves anything creamy and cheesy, ate 2 big rolls happily and he was full. He told me that he had pancake at school for snack time as well!

Pancake, pancake, pancake…
I guess you can do lent on pancake easily, after eating so many of them in one day.

(March 2014)


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