Banana Chiboust

It was our 8th Anniversary the other day, and I wanted to make something nice for dessert, so I decided to try a new cake.

Chiboust tart/cake with Banana, as I’d made promise to myself that I will do one more Banana thing during fairtrade fortnight. I think I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Chiboust cake is a cake made with puff pastry tart, fruits with baked custard cream, topped with Chiboust cream (Crème saint-honoré), and caramelized top.
Chiboust cream is pastry cream (egg custard) mixed with Italian meringue, with little bit of gelatine for this cake. Simply put, it’s fluffy custard.

Often Chiboust tart is made with apple, but some recipe had berries or peach, so why not with Banana?

P1060924 (640x481)
I made rough puff pastry, and lined 12cm round tin. Bake, then baked again filled with nutmeg flavour custard and caramelized banana.
Made pastry cream and add gelatine, in the same time, made Italian meringue and folded in. Set in fridge (see below, could been better in freezer?).
Assembled tart and set Chiboust cream.
Topped with sugar, caramelized under the grill (if you have burner, use it!).

P1060926 (640x481)

Check any recipe, with “Chiboust”  tart or pie on line, and look for recipe you fancy. But make sure the recipe use mixture of Italian meringue and pastry cream (egg custard), as that is the Chiboust cream, same cream used in St.Honore.
(Sorry I cannot present recipe I can say it’s mine and happy with it yet! )

I cannot honestly tell you that this cake was perfect. I’d change a few points next time.

First of all, I did choose authentic version of the tart, apart from the choice of fruits, but I should have chosen to alter recipe to suits fruits.
Baked banana didn’t work!
I’m not sure if that is due to banana itself being baked or ripeness of banana I used. Baked banana reminded me of cooked plantains.
So, it would be better skipping baking custard filling but just lay caramelized banana, and topped it with Chiboust cream. That will work. (or I should just done it with apple, that way, baked apple is yum)

P1060928 (640x481)

Secondary, I would buy blow torch to caramelize sugar, or I will freeze Chiboust cream first.  I used grill to caramelize sugar but it took a bit too long for soft cream, and it made Chiboust cream a bit wobbly, nearly melting.

P1060930 (640x481)

Thirdly, I would do Chiboust cake in smaller personal size, rather than making large one to share. Just purely visual point. When it was made to share, the hard caramelized top cracks when cut & served.

Anyhow, it was tasty and I enjoyed making new cake.

Although there were some points for improvement, I was successful at making rough puff pastry, and chiboust cream, so I was pretty happy! Yay!

Happy Fiesta Friday! 

(March 2014)


23 thoughts on “Banana Chiboust

  1. Happy anniversary! Your dessert looks delicious 🙂 Not being perfect the first time around just means you get to keep trying…and tasting! I call that fun!

  2. Oh my, what a perfect recipe for an anniversary…ours is coming up in few months. I think I will try this, but I may not be able to wait that long…it looks too good!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Weebirdie! I thought the cake looks beautiful and the idea sounds great. Never heard of chiboust cake before, by the way. Thanks for introducing me to something new, always love learning new things. XOXO

    1. Thank you Angie. It was great FF again! You can often find Chiboust cake/tart at French patisserie in Japan. It old French cake, made by same patisserie in Paris which invented St.Honore. I’ve never seen this cake in the UK, and my husband didn’t know about it either. I wonder if French pastiserie in Paris still make them or not?

  4. おめでとうございます。やっぱり記念日は特別なことしたいですよね。こうやって、特別なデザート作ってあげられるweebirdieさんが羨ましいです。

    1. ありがとうございます。ディナーとケーキは作ったものの、先週、バタバタしていたせいで、プレゼントをネットで注文し忘れて、ぎりぎりセーフを狙ったんだけど、届くのが一日遅れました・・・。

  5. Happy anniversary! I have never heard of a chiboust cake so you taught me something new today. This is quite beautiful, and I appreciate all your observations from making this cake!

    1. Thanks, Ngan. I am not patient enough to write down recipe and/or recipe is not mine, and I often don’t put up recipe on this blog, but I’d like to put some memo and tips which I can share with other home bakers. It would be nice if people can see what I made and give me their tips and idea as well. 🙂

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