Green Tea Biscuits + Cherry Blossom Biscuits

3rd of March is Hinamatsuri, girl’s day in Japan.
If there are any girls in the household, you display traditional dolls called “Hina-Ningyo” and have a party to wish for happiness and health of the girls. This festival is also called as ‘Peach day’, celebrating Spring coming.

(image of Hina Ningyo from Japanese Wikipedia:

My family had 3 girls, I was middle one.
We had large doll set, 7 or 8 steps, with prince and princess  and all the servants. We didn’t have a party as such, because my parents were too busy in spring time as my family has apple and pear orchard. We just had dolls displayed and had a nice dinner or something.

In Belfast, Hinamatsuri would be a distant memory.
But actually, we celebrate it here in Northern Ireland! Thanks to Japan Society of Northern Ireland, we do Hinamatsuri party every year, around early March, with full set of dolls displayed beautifully.
(One Japanese lady actually has her dolls brought over, and now she celebrate this day with her little daughter. She usually let us display her dolls at Japan Society)

To celebrate Spring, I made those biscuits for the party.

P1060932 (640x481)Biscuits for Japanese Spring Party.

P1060933 (640x481)I wish I had cherry blossom powder, but I didn’t. (Cherry blossom is often  salted to be preserved, and it has distinctive flavour.)

So, I just made pink vanilla cookies using star piping nozzle, and put freeze dried raspberry in the middle.

P1060935 (640x481)
I coated the back of biscuits with strawberry flavour chocolate.

P1060934 (640x481)Green Tea (Maccha) biscuits with black beans.

I had some sweet black beans my mum sent me, so I put them in. It gives nice texture to the biscuits.

These biscuits were made in log shape, set in fridge and cut into 7mm ish before baking.
When using Maccha powder, you can use it as you do with cocoa powder. But you’ll probably only need to use less quantity than you use cocoa powder, as Macha powder can be strong and also expensive. Make sure to mix Macha powder really well with flour and sieve, before you mix with wet ingredients.

(March 2014)


12 thoughts on “Green Tea Biscuits + Cherry Blossom Biscuits

    1. 桜のパウダーなんかがあれば、本格的でしたが、今回は形だけで。そのうち桜餅を作りたいと思いますー!また、ベルファストの週末と、イベントが重なることがあれば、ぜひ、ご参加ください。

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