Pain de Campagne – Raisin Leaven

I posted article about my new pet, raisin leaven (sourdough starter) some time ago, and I haven’t posted what happened with them. So, here it goes for Fiesta Friday.

This raisin born starter is my second pet, and I was excited to see how the bread will turn out.

I made pain de campagne, I often make this with my first sourdough starter, so it is good way to compare.
Pain de campagne is country bread, rustic and simple. It contains flour, rye flour, starter, salt and water.
Because it is simple, it is great simply eating with butter or making cheese toast next day.

P1060818 (640x481)
Here is the result! (I baked this last month, took too long to post it…)

The raisin starter was very active, creating much bigger air bubble than my first sour-dough starter, (he was born from apple+wheat), and it was quick raising as well.
Well, proofing time depends on room temperature, say 8 hours first and 1+1/2 hours second, where my first starter needs 8,9 hours first and 12 hours at second.

P1060819 (640x481)
Good raise and air bubble. It has a bit rough air hole.
The taste was good, very nice texture and taste.

I think the raisin leaven one has mild favour and slightly sweet smell. It’s quite different from my first starter. It’s a good one for people who doesn’t like or not familiar to sour bread like heavy rye bread.
I realised that this might be the reason why people in Japan who starts baking natural yeast bread prefer to use raisin starter first.

Very interesting to have different flavour, I love to make another leaven to try, maybe rye one next time. But, first, I should work on baking  better bread with my two starter pet. Lot more to learn, and lot more bread to bake (and eat!)

Have a nice weekend.

(Feb 2014)


34 thoughts on “Pain de Campagne – Raisin Leaven

    1. Oh, Hilda, if you like making bread and you will really enjoy doing sour-dough. Bread making itself is so interesting but sour-dough bread making will be much more exciting. Lots of possibility and challenge.

    1. Me, too! I often make bread in the evening, so that I got a bread for breakfast. But then, who can resist warm bread just out of oven? even if that is 11 o’clock in the night…

  1. I love my sourdough starter and use it to make French toast, fruit muffins and English muffins. I have sour salt (citric acid) which adds a real nice tang to my sourdough bread – just an 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. per loaf. My only problem is using it regularly or feeding it so it does not go bad. Yes, I have had to replace it a few times over the years 🙂

    1. I know! I like baking soft bread with yeast as well, so I need to remember to refresh starter and bake it so that everything is good shape and not wasted.
      I think I might need to replace it over this summer, with holiday and stuff. See how it goes.
      I haven’t tried making English muffins with sour dough, I’ll love to try that soon. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Weebirdie, this looks fantastic! I love sour bread and think yours looks just right. The middle looks so fluffy and the outside so perfectly crusted. I read through your raisin leaven/sourdough starter post–it is so neat to see the starter rise again and again like that! Thanks for sharing this….someday, I will have to try it for myself.

  3. Wow, you made amazing bread! I’ve had a sourdough starter but haven’t made proper bread with it yet. You are inspiring me to get organised and give it a go! 😀

  4. おいしそうです~匂いもなんとなく想像できてしまいます。バターをたっぷりつけて食べたいですね。

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