Tarte aux Pommes: Apple Tart



P1060954 (640x481)
 Tarte aux Pomme or French apple tart.

We went to stay over at my sister-in-law’s last weekend, and this is what I made to take with us.

I often bake goods as a gift when I am invited to someone’s house.
It’s fun to think about what to make, but it can be tricky.

Something tasty.
Also it has to be something which travels well.
It would be good if it was seasonal.
It would be great if it was beautiful or interesting.
It would never be good if it was something the person doesn’t like or cannot eat.

We needed to drive for a few hours + not sure if they liked whipped cream = no cream.
Chocolate is everyone’s favourite but it is Lent now. = No chocolate, just in case.

With those restriction, I decided to make something with apple. I thought it is ‘safe’ fruit.
But I done ‘apple pie’ and ‘apple cake’ before for them. I needed something slightly new, but not too far from the comfort zones (ie: my baking comfort zone and the receiver’s eating habit’s comfort zone, both!) .

P1060956 (640x481)

This tart is made with short crust pastry, frangipane, and sliced apple.
Simple but tasty.

Recipe I used was from here. Allrecipes.co.uk Tarte aux Pommes
I added 1 TBS of sugar to the pastry, to give a just a bit of sweetness to it.
I didn’t have apple brandy, so I just used normal brandy. I think it gave nice flavour even it’s just normal brandy, rather than not adding anything.

It was success at my sister-in-law’s anyway, and I will do this again next Autumn.

Happy Fiesta Friday!

(March 2014)


43 thoughts on “Tarte aux Pommes: Apple Tart

  1. That my friend, is a picture perfect apple tart! Absolutely beautiful and so delicious looking! I’d say you have one very lucky sister-in law 🙂

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I needed to make something simple but good enough as a gift, as I wasn’t so sure about my sis-in-law’s family’s likes and dislikes. Obviously, I know some of their taste as I know them over a decade now, and that told me that they are not too adventurous type and they are too polite to say that they don’t like it. This tart did the job!

    1. I do like to give a thought when I bake for someone but not always successful. It is quite tricky to remember everyone’s likes and dislikes and stuff. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Weebirdie, I love how generous and considerate you are of others. Your apple tart is simply beautiful–I love how the apple slices are perfectly browned on the edges and make up such a lovely design. It’s almost like a flower slowly opening itself up. Quite a treat for us all.

    1. Ahh, I am not that generous… we got one night stay in sister-in-law’s lovely country style house with meals in return! See the trick? it’s like a horse with carrots in front of her. I will go extra mile if you give me a treat. 😉

    1. Oh, Angie, I hope I can visit her family again. Her place is like a little rural resort for us. A couple of horses in the field around the house, sheep in nearby field, rabbits coming out into the garden in the night; things like that are exciting for us. 🙂

  3. This is the sweetest post… how lucky your sister-in-law is to have received such a lovely gift…
    The tart is absolutely beautiful…So perfectly made. The photos should be framed and hung up, they’re so pretty!!

    Please consider this an invitation to come to my house… 😉

    1. I like apple pies, too. I grow up with apple pies made with puff pastry in Japan. But I often make shortcrust apple pie nowadays as I am in Belfast now, and sometime I fancy French style one like this one! 🙂

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