Caramel Rolls

When I was making so many fudge for a charity gala, I made a few mistake. (Fudge Testing and Fairtrade Fudge Favour) One big one was that I measured the size of tin  wrong, and one big batch of rum& raisin fudge was too thick and too soft to cut. So, I tried to recover this soft fudge and re-heated as instructed on a website. But then, the fudge turned into something more like caramel, toffee consistency. It was definitely not fudge.

So, I kept this failed rum raisin caramel-ish fudge aside, and went on making more fudge. It went all well in the end, but I was left with this huge block of rum raisin caramel.

I am not the one to throw away edible food. I freeze some and used some to make this rolls.

P1060936 (640x481)
Rum Raisin turns into Caramel Rolls.

This was a creation of mishaps.
I cannot tell you how I made this caramel slab which I rolled in to this bread. It was made by accident.

But I am sure you can use anything toffee like products, any semi hard caramel or caramel cream, left over toffee from making banoffee pie, or if you have any failed fudge like me.

P1060938 (640x481)

The thing is… it is just like cinnamon rolls, but the filling doesn’t have to be traditional cinnamon sugar butter. It could be anything. Maybe chocolate rolls or coffee rolls, jam rolls and possibility is endless!

This caramel roll was sticky and sweet, melted caramel was gorgeous especially when it was eaten warm.
I took them to friends who were helping to set up Hinamatsuri party (see here on my blog) straight from my oven, it went down as a treat!

I still have more of this rum raisin caramel slab, so I shall come up with more way to consume it.

Sweet Bread  (which I use for rolls like this)
strong flour….300g
egg….1 (milk and egg should be 210g all together)
milk…. 210g – gram of egg.
instant dry yeast….4g

(March 2014)


8 thoughts on “Caramel Rolls

  1. Good for you for finding such a fun way to use up perfectly good failures. I think the best recipes are sometimes the result of ‘mistakes’. I’m sure you have lots of other ideas, but maybe chopped up in ice cream would be good too.

    1. Thank you! The fudge making failure was quite interesting. It’s a science of sugar. A few degree high or low, mixed or not mixed, all turned into different texture. It’s all edible mistakes, so it is not that bad!

  2. These sound wonderful. Caramel is my favorite sweet and I know I would eat these non stop. I love how you discovered this recipe through a mistake. Well, it wasn’t a mistake at all was it? Wonderful post!

    1. No, it wasn’t a bad mistake in the end, it gave me a big caramel toffee slab to use for something yummy like this roll. (although, when I was doing this for the favours, I was panicking!!) Thanks for the kind comment.

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