Raspberry Meringue Drops

What do you do if you had some egg white in the fridge?

Maybe you can bake pavlova or macaroon, or simply some little meringues.

P1070016 (640x481)
Little pink meringue drops with freeze dried raspberry pieces.

I saw a picture of wonderfully colourful meringue drops of Meringue Girls the other day. It was wow! Just bursting with colours (and flavours if I could taste one!), and so cute!

Not sure if meringue drops can be next big thing of baking world after cupcakes and macaroons, but it give me an idea to make those little pink meringue with freeze dried raspberry.

I used simple French meringue method, just whipped egg white with caster sugar, where Meringue Girls seems to use much more interesting method of making meringue.

See their website for their basic recipe; they bake sugar in a tray and spoon into egg white. It’s bit like in between Italian (ie: pour hot sugar syrup into egg white) and French.  Interesting, indeed!

But I just wanted to make quick treat to use up all my egg white, so French way was good enough.

Those little drops are good to eat with coffee just as they are. Very crisp with a little burst of raspberry flavour whenever you hit freeze dried raspberry bits.

Or you can make up a bowl of dessert like this,
P1070023 (640x481)
Raspberry meringue drops with strawberry and creme fraiche.

I just had Spanish strawberry bought from a veg shop, so I used that, but fresh raspberry would be perfect if it was in season.
Fresh cream or Greek yoghurt will be fine instead of creme fraiche. Meringue is so sweet that you don’t need to add sugar to the cream.

Raspberry Meringue Drops

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Egg white……1 egg
Caster sugar….60g
(I had 3 egg white, so use 180g sugar, that gave me plenty of meringue for family and friends!)
Freeze dried raspberry…. as much as you like, about 2g? (they are very light)
Pink food colouring… a few drops

1. Whisk egg white to soft peak
2. Add caster sugar little by little. Whisk till it is glossy and heavy.
3. Mix raspberry and food colouring in.
4. Pipe into small drops using round nozzle. (I tried star shape nozzle first , but raspberry got stuck and didn’t come out well. Just use big round nozzle if you got any bits in!)
5. Bake in the oven, 100C (212F), for about 1 hours till they are dry and crisp.
6. Once cooled, you can eat them now or keep in a airtight container for later. They keeps crisp really well, as long as you bake it completely dry.

Well? My first insertion with recipe shortcode. Learn new thing everyday!
I’ll probably post only the recipe which is I can happily say it is mine and easy to write. I will give you a link if the recipe is based on someone else’s, or just tips and idea as usual.
If you are new to baking, please check other more detailed recipe site as well before you start on my recipe. I jot down recipe, short cutting basics, like preheating, lining, sieving etc…

P1070013 (640x481)Little hands waiting to get some of his share.

Happy Fiesta Friday!

39 thoughts on “Raspberry Meringue Drops

  1. Beautiful! Love the dessert bowl you put together 🙂 I’ve never attempted to make meringues for some odd reason, and I think it’s time! They sound quite easy to make and yet such gorgeous results. Thank you for sharing your recipe…have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Pavlova and Meringue are both easy. Once my midwife who also likes baking told me that she feel she is ‘cheating’ when she does pavlova (or meringue) for dessert, because it is so easy and still looks impressive. That’s is very true, I thought.

  2. These look like a wonderfully tasty treat, Weebirdie, without the heaviness of other desserts. I would be urgently waiting for my turn at a few of these meringues too. Great job on using the recipe code! You can also link to other sites within the recipe box to give attribution to a recipe author (I do this when I adapt someone’s recipe). Readers can always click on and view the link, as well as print out your recipe.

    1. Thanks, Ngan. The recipe code was quite easy to use and I like the look of recipe box. I will use it again when I can write recipe! I don’t have patience or time to write the recipe down nicely on every posts, I really admire bloggers who does nice recipes every time! Thanks for the comment and tips!

  3. These are gorgeous little meringues! I can just taste the flavour bursting from the freeze dried raspberries! I am with you – I think they could become the next rave – good-bye cupcakes and macarons – hello meringues!

    1. These little meringue are easy and simple but I guess if you start flavouring them with colour like Meringue Girls, it will be interesting enough to take over the centre stage of baking!? Well, I like them a lot and will be making more this year anyway. Thank you for the comment, Julianna.

    1. Yes, sure Patty. He had a few on this day after breakfast, and still having them time to time. He just had 1 little drop with his blueberry + ice cream after dinner today. He loves it. Now, we got just 2 more drops left in my treat jar.

  4. I have made raspberry meringues for Christmas every year for my entire life… I use my grandmother’s recipe which has raspberry jello mixed in with the sugar! Yours sound like a wonderful update– the freeze dried raspberries are perfect! I put mini chocolate chips in mine too. 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s a new trick! Jello? Is that the thing you make jelly, is it? Do you put them in as it is??? Oh I need to check your blog… I’ll go to check it now. Choco chip will be great for my kids as well!

    1. I use to make plain vanilla ones for dessert, but putting different flavour is quite interesting. like chocolate or coffee maybe… wonder why I didn’t think about it before…

      1. Would you believe I made meringue bones for Halloween a couple of years ago and of course the meringue had to be white! Check out my recipe. I never thought about making them with flavors but why not! 🙂

      2. I just went to look at your bone! Very cute! It’s not on this blog but I did meringue ghosts before for Halloween birthday party, just with little chocolate eye and mouth. Pure white colour of meringue is good for those Halloween treat! 🙂

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