Sourdough Tin Loaf

I am doing Lent this year.
I have never tried Lent before, I haven’t even heard of Lent until I came over here. (or maybe I saw on the film or something first?)

Till recently, I felt like I had so much ‘giving up this and that’ time due to my pregnancy and breastfeeding of two boys.
During pregnancy, I cut down on coffee&tea, no alcohol for nine month. Then that continue with breastfeeding, as well as cutting down on decent sleeps. I do honestly says that I didn’t sleep one night through since I had my first one six years ago till recently. Even now, quite often one of my boys will wake me up in the middle of the night.

So, if anyone asked me, ‘Are you doing the Lent this year?’ I thought I was doing enough “giving up” and you could not take chocolate away from me! (OH I know, my “sacrifices” were not that big deal considering whatever the people go through in this world. )

Then, now, boys are little bigger, I thought I can do a bit of “giving up” in more productive, manageable & fun way.

I am doing lent on shop bought bread. Or to be precise, “not to buy bread at shops”. (I eat shop bought bread if someone offered me)
Oh well, it is not proper Lent,  I am not fasting or giving up on anything I really like, just convenience. But it is a challenge of not having the convenience of buying shop bought loaf whenever I need it.

It’s about middle of Lent now, and I am doing good so far.
I am baking some sort of bread nearly everyday or every other day, and having a great fun with it.

As I need to make more bread which my boys will eat for breakfast and is suited to make sandwich,  I started to make more tin loaf than ever before.
I love my white tin loaf, but I also wanted to be able to make tin loaf  with ‘sour dough’ starter.

Yes, with sour dough, natural yeast.
It is not so common to find ‘sour dough’ soft bread here, but it is quite possible according to Japanese baking books (and many bakeries which do natural yeast baking.)

P1070025 (640x481)Tin loaf with raisin starter.

Its texture is slightly chewier than usual yeast bread, and it smells sweeter.
The crumbs are a bit coarser than yeast bread, but it is bouncy and tasty.

P1070026 (640x481)

I followed the recipe of Japanese sour dough book, which I used to learn how to raise raisin starter.
(book title: 高橋雅子著 「自家製酵母」のパン教室―こんなに簡単だったんだ!マイペースで楽しく続けられる)

It was baked in a loaf with with lid, so I needed to make sure it raised enough to fill the tin. Raisin starter is very active, so it is possible to make this type of bread. My other stater (wheat+apple raised ‘Paul’) won’t be strong enough to do this job.

Although I used my strong raisin starter,  I couldn’t make it to fill the tin nicely at my first try even I followed the instruction.
I decided to add more raising power by ‘punching’ it. Not actually punching it, but softly folding bread dough half way though first fermentation time. It’s a technique used in Baguette making, but it worked for this one too!
I ‘punch’ twice, during first 7 or 8 hours, and then shape into tin and take about 1-2 hours  for second raising. It was baked in 220C for 30 min.

This was a bit of bread nerdy post, but hope fellow sourdough bakers find interesting.

Anyone else doing lent? What are you giving up? And how are you doing so far?

(March 2014)


4 thoughts on “Sourdough Tin Loaf

  1. That bread looks delicious. Your boys will probably not want any of the store bought bread after tasting that. I am trying to get a starter going, but it is taking a long time. If it ever turns into anything, I will post whatever I do with it. For Lent, I am just cutting back on indulgences and looking forward to Easter.

    1. Thanks, Hilda. You are doing proper way, cutting down on things. I seem to be eating more bread…
      It might take long time for the starter to get active if room temperature is cold. My raisin one took more than a week to start off with. Hope it gets going soon. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. This bread looks very good! I haven’t tried a sandwich loaf sourdough yet, but want to try soon. All your other breads look very nice too! A sourdough pain de champagne is another I want to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Gerard. Yes, please give a go at making loaf with your sourdough, and let me know what you think. I am just finished baking another pain de champagne using my two starter to see the texture. It’s fun to be experimental.

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