Lemon iced Easter biscuits

Easter is coming!
My boys are off school&playgroup now, and I am trying to keep them happy and busy at home; and to be honest, I am failing already.
After a few sibling fighting at home and pretend wrestling at shops, I finally started to use Easter bunny like Santa.
‘Easter bunny bring eggs only for good boys.

Oh, well.
Shame on me for using Easter bunny like that, but I need to buy food without taking boys to A&E. (or anyone else for that matter.)

I do hope Easter bunny will come!

While we wait for the bunny to come, it is nice to have some Easter treats to make us in the mood for the celebration. I made some bunny and egg biscuits.

P1070095 (640x481)
 Lemon iced Easter biscuits. I wish I had a bit more steady hand for icing, but I guess ‘practice makes perfect’!

I like thin royal icing on my biscuits, but icing can be too sweet, so I love lemon in the icing giving sharp freshness.

I used the cut out biscuit recipe which isn’t that sweet, so icing really works.P1070091 (640x481)

  • Servings: about 20 biscuits
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

cut out biscuits (this recipe make a bit floury, not so sweet home-made biscuits. if you prefer buttery one, please try some other recipe.)
plain flour…200g
lemon zest….1/2 lemon

royal lemon icing
royal icing power….some
lemon juice…..some

1. cream butter and sugar together, till light and white.
2. add egg a little at the time, mix all the egg. add zest.
3. fold in flour, make into a large ball.
4.rest the dough in the fridge for 1 hour or so.
5.Roll out thin, 3mm-5mm, cut in the shape using cookie cutter or template. (I used rabbit cutter I have and just cut around egg shape template with a knife)
6. Bake in the oven, preheated 180C, for 10-13min. Check often not to burn.

7. Once biscuits is cooled, make royal icing (see the packet for instruction), using lemon juice instead of water. Colour them as you like. (I used pink and yellow colouring)
8. Making little paper piping bag (cut a lining parchment into triangle and roll up into a corn shape), fill them with icing. Decorate biscuit as you like. If you are coating the top of biscuits with icing and piping on top of it, you need to wait until first icing is dry to get clear line. (if you are doing marble effect or something, you need to do it before drying)
9. Dry them out over night, then it is nice and crisp to eat! Yum.

P1070090 (640x481)

Sun is shining in Belfast today, and big Easter holiday weekend coming.

Happy Easter!
Happy Fiesta Friday!

(April 2014)


33 thoughts on “Lemon iced Easter biscuits

  1. No need to be doubtful about including the Easter bunny into your efforts to maintain peace among your boys 😉 – one could call that a mommy survival strategy! And looking at those pretty pastel treats, I think you did an awesome job!

    1. Thank you for kind comment, Sabine. Easter bunny came today for both boys. My little one get too excited, played up a bit, and fell and nose bleed! Typical!! But they had a fun. 🙂

  2. Such cute cookies! I’m so envious of your decorating ability, they are adorable! The hint of lemon must be delicious in the icing 🙂 The cookie recipe sounds like what I would call a “short-bread” cookie, which happens to be a favorite of mine…especially with a light icing. Thanks for bringing these to share at the fiesta…Happy Easter!

  3. Weebirdie, I can always count on you to bring the most delightful looking treats to a party. You are far too modest about your skills — your icing looks like it was applied by a most steady hand! Honestly, with the collection of gorgeous treats I’ve seen on your blog, you can open up a whole bakery and be sold out within minutes. I am sure these cookies are quite tasty, too. 🙂

    1. Thank you for kind word, Ngan. I’d love to have a small bakery someday, that is my big dream now. Posting my baking here is good practice for me, gives me a bit of push to make an effort. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Patty. I have two more days of Easter holiday with boys, and boys are geared up with all the chocolate they found at egg hunt. But so far, no big injury, so I am pleased. 😉

    1. It is fun to decorate simple cookies like this, but I somehow only do this at Easter and birthday party or something. I should do more often, I guess. I am sure your cookies are very tasty and lovely, too!

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