Sable Grape Tart

I always like to bake with seasonal fruits, but this was an exception.

One of my friend gave me a punnet of grape bought at supermarket last month, which I had never seen before. The grape was called ‘sable grape’, purple round, medium size grape.
It’s dark purple, but tasted like green muscat grapes. I was in love with this grape, I needed to make something with it.

P1070045 (640x481)

I made a fruits tart, with a combination of cheese and grape.

I have to be honest here that my husband who wasn’t keen on this grape because the taste was similar to white wine could eat this tart. So, that mean I lost a bit of special flavour of this grape by combining  it with cream. Maybe if I made jelly or something, I might be able to enjoy the subtle flavour of this grape better. (Or just eat them as they are! I know…)
But this was a tiny weeny problem of this tart, it was a good grape tart anyhow.

P1070048 (640x481)

Pâte brisée base, cheese cake, and sour cream topping.

Sable Grape Tart

  • Servings: 8-12
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Print

pâte brisée
plain flour….175g
sugar…………1 tbs
egg yolk……..1
cold water…..about 3tsp

cheese cake filling
(any baked cheese cake recipe you like, just adjust quantity)
cream cheese……150g
whipping cream….50cc
plain flour………..2tsp

sour cream filling
sour cream………..125ml
whipping cream….125ml (I cannot remember exact quantity, sorry!)
sugar……………… you like it

sable grape………..1 pack (you can use muscat grape if you have that)

1. Make pastry. Food processor or by hand. Put flour, cubed butter, sugar and salt in a food processor, and whizz it it become bread crumb texture.
2. Add egg and about 2 or 3 tsp water, and pulse. Take them out and press to make a ball. Chill in fridge for at least 30min.
3. Roll out the pastry thin, and line the tart dish. Chill again. Set oven for 180c
4. Blind bake the tart for about 15min

5. Cream soft cheese and sugar, then add egg, whipping cream, and flour.
6. Spread the cheese cake mixture inside the blind baked tart. Bake till it is set.

7. Once the tart is cooled, whip whipping cream, add sour cream. Add sugar to suit your taste. Then spread this sour cream filling on the top of tart.
8. Place grape nicely over the top.

P1070044 (640x481)


I’d make them again this autumn, when European grapes are ready.

(April 2014)


6 thoughts on “Sable Grape Tart

    1. This grape was very cute round shape, mostly uniform within a pack, so it was very easy to decorate. If you see this variety of grape on sale, give it a go. It was very interesting, purple skin but taste like green grape. 🙂

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