Orange and Almond Cake with Chocolate Cage

After my last post, I need to write this post, just so that my friends know that I do not always mess up with their order.  (not so often, at least…)

I made this cake as an order from a friend of mine, a present for her friend’s birthday and retirement.
The birthday lady suffer from Celiac disease and cannot eat any wheat products. So my friend always orders gluten-free orange and almond cake for special occasion she want to celebrate with this friend.
I’ve done this cake with chocolate clay rose a few time before already,  so I decided to decorate with something different.

P1070188 (640x481)
The base of the cake is Nigella Lawson’s Clementine Cake.

Then it is covered with chocolate ganache, and simple piped roses.

I learned this chocolate cage technique from Evelyn’s  ‘Chocolate Cage Cake‘, of 100 days of Evelyn.
Oh, her creation is so inspiring and exciting. She seems busy recently, and her blog isn’t as active as before, but still, her blog is worth visiting, it is like a treasure box. I am a big fan of her blog, and I used one of her lovely template for my squirrel coffee walnuts cupcake before as well.
P1070187 (640x481)

Orange and Almond Cake with Chocolate Cage

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Print

Orange Almond Cake  (15cm round tin)
organic orange……….125g
baking powder……….1/3 tea spoon

Chocolate ganache
dark or milk chocolate….150g (adjust balance as you prefer, I like half and half)
double cream…………150cc
sugar…………………….about 2 tsp (depend on your choice of chocolate)

White chocolate cage (18cm cake tin)
white chocolate………150g

1. Boil orange in water, till it is soft. (I usually cut orange in half, and cook in a water just up to the side of orange. )
2. Once orange is cooked, using hand blender, make smooth puree. Remove pips, but puree peel of orange as well.
3. Mix egg and sugar. (edited Feb 2015. I used to whisk a lot but it sank in the middle once. Tried not whisking too much and it turns out well and predictable. So decided not to whisk too much)
4. Mix almond powder and orange puree in.
5. bake in the oven, 190C till it is golden brown and skewer comes out clean. (30-40min or so for this size, 1 hour in original recipe of 21cm tin)

6. Make chocolate ganache. Heat double cream and sugar in the microwave, and add chopped chocolate. Chocolate will melt with the heat of cream. Leave it to cool.

7. Once ganache is cooled enough, cover the cake. (If ganache is still too warm, it run down the side and will be too thin. If it is too cold, it will be too hard to spread and loose shine. So keep checking consistency when cooling the ganache.)

8. Cool the ganache more to piping consistency, and pipe rose with a star nozzle.

9. Make chocolate cage. See the detail of how to do this at Evelyn’s post linked above. I made the design of simple three row of interconnecting circles.

10. Carefully place chocolate cage on the cake. Remove (peel) the paper and fix the breakage with melted chocolate if necessary.

P1070184 (640x481)

Happy Fiesta Friday everyone!
It’s 15th Fiesta Friday already, thanks to the wonderful hostess Angie and her friends. I am also ready to take part in Fiesta Friday Challenge No.1.

And in case I cannot manage another post during weekend, Happy Mother’s Day to mine and all the mums in the world.

(April 2014)


64 thoughts on “Orange and Almond Cake with Chocolate Cage

  1. Wow! This cake is just stunning! I am delighted that you are bringing this for today’s Fiesta – the gang will absolutely love this! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy FF15. 😉

    1. Thank you for coming over, Jhuls. I am looking around what others brought for the party over the weekend, it’s great to see so many lovely posts and dishes. 🙂

  2. Wow…wow…wow! Gorgeous cake…I love that chocolate cage! The pairing of clementine and chocolate sounds wonderful, Weebirdie. Beautifully done…no wonder you bake so many cakes for friends. 🙂

    1. Original recipe serve this cake just with icing sugar, just like tea time cake. Chocolate ganache coating makes this cake looks like a birthday cake, and also keeps the cake really moist. 🙂 Thank you for the kind comment, Nancy.

    1. Yes, go and check it, please! Eveyln’s blog will give you good tutorial about it. I used covered cake ring with a strip of grease proof paper, and used a wooden spoon to support the cake ring between two chair, then pipe chocolate while turning the cake ring a little by little. 🙂

  3. Well that is one stunning looking cake Weebirdie! What an entrance you have made to Fiesta Friday 15! That cage is spectacular. I love Nigella’s Clementine Cake and make it all the time but never thought to cover it in chocolate – genius! Enjoy the party and save a piece of this for me please!!

    1. Oh, you make these clementine cake as well! I cover the cake in chocolate, as it makes the cake fit for occasions and keep the moisture well. 🙂 Have a nice Mother’s Day.

  4. Weebirdie strikes again with her delicious and beautiful creations! Love this, and I love the cage as decor too. I’ve seen how Evelyn makes these cages (I love her blog and tutorials!), but haven’t had the chance to try it yet. You are inspiring me to kick it up a notch for my next dessert decoration. Have a happy Mother’s Day!

    1. I was the same, I saw this cage at Evelyn’s, and stayed in my mind for sometime. I just got a chance to do something a bit special, so I finally had a go at it. I really liked the effect, so I will use it again. Hope you try it too, as you know, her blog explain how to do it very well.

  5. This is just beautiful! Wow! I love baking with almond flour and orange….never thought about boiling it first. Does that help bring out the flavor? So, you boil with the peel on?

    1. Yep, I was surprised at first, but it works. You boil whole orange or clementine till soft, and put cooked orange into blender and make puree. (You need to take out pips) I use organic orange because you eat peel. Strange but give it a go, it makes really moist orange cake!

    1. No, you need to take cooked oranges out of the water, and puree whole oranges in blender. (take pip out but puree skin as well) You just throw away cooking water. Hope you enjoy this cake. 🙂

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