Croissant aux amandes – almond croissant

During this week, I celebrated my thirty something birthday.
I was given ‘surprise’ presents from my boys. My boys were so excited that they could hardly keep the surprises, but it was lovely.
One present was a pot of flower, as we visited a garden show on Saturday. It was my wee one’s idea; and as soon as I said ‘Oh I like this flower’ at one of nursery stalls, he said ‘close your eye, mummy!’ and went to get money from his dad and bought me the plant. Then he went, ‘Open your eyes! SURPRISE!!!’
My big boy also gave me a gift of ‘Happy Birthday, Mummy!’ and sang me happy birthday song over and over. He is 6 and half now, but he has special need and it is the first time he said those so clearly. (Not perfect, but his best ever!)
These are the moments that I’ll treasure.

Another surprise present was a cake.
P1070293 (640x481)
Full of icing and decoration!

My husband and boys made me this cake while I was out. My husband used old recipe book/file I made while I was in Norway long time ago. We were in a mountain hotel far from a city, and I use to bake without any cookbook or internet or any scale, just my own memory and feeling. To be honest, this recipe book wasn’t good, as I made so many mistakes in measurement and in English, but it was such a lovely surprise that my husband  made a cake for me with little helpers using this book.

I was also given some baking/kitchen related presents from my good friends and husband which I am sure that it will show up in this blog at some stage.  Thank you!

That’s enough for a birthday, isn’t it?

Ahhh, not for greedy me.
I made something for myself as well.

I made almond croissants for me.
I love croissant for my breakfast or snack. But it is a special occasion treat. I was allowed as much croissant as I liked, because it was my birthday.
And croissant making is time consuming, it is a luxury baking when you are suppose to be looking after kids and cleaning the house. But it was my birthday, so I spend my day making them.

P1070296 (640x481)

croissant aux amandes

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: intermediate, time consuming
  • Print

The recipe below is adopted from a recipe book of a French baker living in Japan ( ‘Philippe Bigo no pan’ – L’ Amour du Pain by Philippe Bigot).
If you haven’t made croissants before, I recommend to look for website/book with step by step photo before starting.

croissant dough
plain flour…………100g
strong flour……….100g
easy dry yeast……….2g

butter for folding in……….100g

1. Knead the dough, just as usual bread.
2. cover and leave to rise for 1 hours in warm place. Then further 3 hours in fridge.
3. roll the butter into flat square, between cling films, about 16cm square.
4. Take bread dough from fridge, cut cross on top. Open this cross to make rough square shape. Then roll till you get large enough square to cover the butter. (about 23cm square)
5. Placing the butter in the middle (butter’s corners pointing top and bottom, left and right) of the dough (dough’s corners pointing top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left). Take corners of dough into the middle and cover the butter completely.
6.Roll to 5mm thickness, long rectangle.  Hold 1/3 to the middle. Then fold another 1/3 to the middle. Cover and rest in fridge for 6-12 hours.
7.Turn the dough 90 degree, and roll again. Hold into 1/3 again.
8. Turn the dough 90 degree again, and roll. hold into 1/3. Cover and rest in fridge for 30min.
9. Roll again to large rectangle, about 14 cm high, 5mm thick. Rest in the fridge for another 30 min.
10. Cut the all the side of the dough with pizza cutter or sharp knife. Then cut dough into 13cm high 11cm wide triangles. Rest for 30 min.

Almond cream
egg…………………….1 egg
ground almond…….50g
plain flour……………1 tbs
almond essence…….a few drop

11. Cream butter and sugar, then add others to make almond cream.

for finish
egg…………………..little bit for egg wash
sliced almond…….some
icing sugar…………little for dusting

12. Take the triangle croissant dough, place it pointy bit toward you, pull the top corners slightly to stretch. Then place some almond cream on top.
13. Start rolling. Pull the pointy bit slightly while rolling. Place it on baking mat.
14. Leave in warm place for 60-90 min. (not too warm. butter shouldn’t melt at this point)
15. egg wash the top and put some almond, and bake in the preheated oven 190C for 12 min-15 min till golden.
16. dust with icing sugar before eating. Yum.

P1070299 (640x481)

Enjoy with a cup of hot coffee. Well worth the effort.

Happy Fiesta Friday!! 

(May 2014)


48 thoughts on “Croissant aux amandes – almond croissant

    1. My birthday happened to be the day my wee one was going to playgroup, so I used the ME time for making this instead of tidying the house which I usually try to do (and often fail to do).

  1. What a sweet, sweet story. I was getting choked up . . . boys are the best! And time flies, so you will cherish these precious memories. Now, onto the croissants, that is the sign of a serious and detail oriented baker!!!! I am so impressed and they turned out so lovely! Happy Birthday!

    1. I think this birthday was very happy one which I’ll remember for years. I love the freshly baked croissants so much that I don’t mind spending time making them. Actually it is just fold and wait and fold and wait… repeat of simple processes. In Belfast, I have advantage of weather, which is ‘never too hot (even not so warm)’, great for folding butter in the dough without melting them!

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a really nice one and that your family loved on you well!
    These look delicious! The almond cream sounds amazing!

  3. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a memorable birthday, and on top of that you were able to treat yourself to something as special as these croissants.

  4. Hi Weebirdie, it’s great to meet you, and reading about your birthday is lovely!!! I love the cake they made for you ☺️☺️ And the almonds croissants look amazing, thank you so much for bringing these to the party, have fun 🎉

  5. Sounds like you had a great birthday, what thoughtful kids you have! Your croissants look delicious too! Happy belated birthday, have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. It was a lovely birthday, thanks to my boys + my hubby. Those good moments makes me forget about how naughty they can be in daily life… for just about ten seconds! 😉

  6. It looks perfect, but not sure that I could attempt to make one so beautifully. I loved the story of your little boy spontaneously buying you that potted flower. Children are so precious, Happy belated Birthday! God Bless!

    1. Thank you, Loretta! I can see how much kids are grown in those special occasion. I don’t think they had much idea about birthday, never mind my birthday! So I was very happy to see them trying to surprise me and doing something to make me happy. 🙂

  7. Happiest birthday to you happy, happy birthday to youuuuui! (to the tune of the birthday song)

    How sweet of your family to make something so special!… And the kitchen related gifts are the best (my Tom is the perfect at that (not lacking considerable taste in the jewelry department, sans gems; artsy only apply).

  8. Happy belated birthday, weebirdie! It is so sweet of your boys to give your “surprises” and for your family to make a cake for you. I agree with you that since it was your birthday, you could have as many almond croissants as you’d like! They look spectacular, a favorite of mine for sure! xx

    1. Thank you, Ngan! Croissant comes with lots of pleasure and some guilt, perfect as a special occasion treat! I think I ate about three in a one day.:) (then I also had a cake…)

  9. Happy Birthday, Weebirdie! Happy you could enjoy your special day. 🙂 These croissants are stunning! The look positively delicious!

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