Sourdough Fougasse with Rosemary and Thyme

It’s nearly end of May. It is lovely time of the year. I am busy in our small garden when it is dry, as plants in the garden is growing quickly now and we always have lots to do.
I am baking a lot as usual, and I like that herbs are growing the tender new leaf now and I can use them for my baking and cooking straight from my garden.

P1070249 (640x481)Sourdough fougasse with rosemary and thyme.

I planted this thyme last year, from a herb pot you can buy at supermarket. It looked so sad and weak in the rain of Belfast through winter months, but it came back and flowered!
Rosemary I have in my garden came from cuttings I took at the last house we lived in about 5 years ago. My gardening skill is basic and I am not good at taking cutting, but this rosemary was strong and it survived and shriving.
P1070250 (640x481)
(Rosemary flower is on middle right, thyme flower is on left)
I realised that it is only a short period of time when you can put rosemary flower and thyme flower together, so I made the most of it by decorating this bread.

P1070252 (640x481)

I put finely chopped fresh rosemary and thyme in the dough, and sprinkled some flower on top after baking.
The dough is basic lean white dough with sourdough starter, but I added a little olive oil.

I enjoyed this bread with a bowl of soup. It’s nice bread to tear and share.


Just before May is done, I thought I finally managed to write about the challenge Fiesta Friday Challenge No.1. The challenge for May was ‘yeast’ and ‘herb’.
BUT I was forgetting about cut off date, it was all done and dusted already!!
Check the great looking winner’s post here: Fiesta Friday Challenge results .
Oh well, next time…

(may 2014)


14 thoughts on “Sourdough Fougasse with Rosemary and Thyme

    1. No, it is fine. But thank you for asking, Angie. It’s just silly of me forgetting to post it on time. It was really good challenge though, I enjoy looking around people’s creation. I know how busy you must be with garden this time of the year as well as cooking and other things , so big THANK YOU for organising those fun event. 🙂

  1. Your fougasse has some of my favorite ingredients – I have sourdough starter in the refrigerator that needs to be used and my herbs are providing lots of fresh flavor in my cooking/baking. Your recipe looks fabulous 🙂

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