Choux a la creme – Cream puff

Choux a la creme (cream puff) is one of Japanese cake shop classic. Every cake shops used to sell them. (We call it ‘choux cream’.) Usually filled with vanilla custard and whipped cream. Then, some shops had them with chocolate cream, green tea cream, strawberry cream etc… As a child, I was a big fan of ice cream filled choux buns, as I didn’t like whipped cream at all then.
In the UK, profiterole and eclare are popular, usually filled with whipped cream and covered in chocolate/chocolate sauce. But I don’t see many cream puffs. Sometime I really fancy classic custard and whipped cream filled ones and make them myself. (and I made this time to take it to my Japanese friends.)

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Choux pastry can be slightly daunting if you never try making them, or tried and failed once. But it isn’t that difficult once you learn what to look out for.

Choux a la creme

  • Servings: 16
  • Difficulty: intermediate
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choux pastry

unsalted butter…………..80g
salt…………………………….a pinch
plain flour…………………..100g
egg……………………………..3 to 4

1. put water and butter in a pan, bring to boil and melt butter.
2. Take the pan off the heat, add flour and stir till there is no rumps. 3. Put it back on the low heat, keep stirring well for a couple of minutes.  Pastry will start to stick to the bottom of the pan slightly.
4. Take it out to a bowl, mix in 2/3 of egg with wooden spoon.
5. Add more egg little by little until right consistency is achieved. You may not need the amount of egg the recipe state, or you might need more than the recipe.
I always check this by lifting the pasty with wooden spoon, and dropping the pastry mix. If the pastry drop leaving short zig zag shape, it needs more egg. If the pasty drops leaving a nice triangle shape dough on a spoon, it is ready. If the pastry drops with long draping of the dough, it got too much egg.  (Sorry it is a bit tricky to explain without photo. Check some website please.)
6. Pipe it on the non stick baking paper and spray  or sprinkle some water on top. (you can fix pointy bit of the pastry you get from piping with a wet finger) Bake in the oven 200C for 8 min, drop tempature to 180C and bake furthur 20-25min. Do not open the oven door till the choux is nicely coloured all over, otherwise they will sink as soon as you open the door.
7. Once it is done, take it out of the oven.  They should be crisp and hard to touch. (Some baker make hole and release the moisture. straight out of oven. But I just leave them on wired lack to cool. I think if you bake it well, they are not that soggy. I like them soft than crisp, and they get soft as you fill them with cream later)

Vanilla custard

egg york……3
sugar………. 75g
plain flour…….25g
vanilla essence….. a little

1. In a bowl, whisk egg york and sugar until paler and increase in volume.
2. Add flour and mix well.
3. In a small pan, warm milk and add vanilla.
4. Add warm milk to egg. Mix well.
5. Put back into pan. (if you can, pass it through a sieve. )
6. Keep mixing in low heat till it thicken.
7. Once it is thicken, take it out of the heat, and cool it down.

Choux a la creme  : assembly
choux bun…………12
custard……………..quantity above
whipped cream….250cc + some sugar + vanilla
icing sugar…………some

1. cut top 1/3 of choux bun.
2. fill custard in a hole.
3. Pipe whipped cream with star nozzle.
4. Dust with icing sugar before serving.

P1070324 (640x481)


Happy Fiesta Friday!!

Have a nice weekend everyone.



33 thoughts on “Choux a la creme – Cream puff

    1. It might be just my recipe, it isn’t that complicated once you make them. I don’t make them so often, but when I do, I always wonder why I don’t make them more often. I think it feels a little time consuming to make choux and then custard, getting piping bag out and washed etc… but in fact, it isn’t that bad! Give a go, Mr. Fits, I think you can make this no problem, if you can make home made sausages before breakfast!

  1. Oh, I love making choux pastry! It´s been a while now, so thanks for the reminder! Your puffs look pretty, light, elegant, just how it should be….

    1. Thank you, Sabine. I also forget how much I like them for a while, and suddenly I fancy them a lot and make them. 🙂 I like baking them because I can fill inside of choux any cream I like depending on my mood.

  2. that is just stunning but i think you are banned from bringing them to the party..quickly takes them off you and puts them in my kitchen to eat later!!! coughs..ahem I am allowed to do that as I am co hosting FF with Mr Fitz but don’t tell Mr Fitz please! grins xx

    1. I was chatting with other friends who cooks, but some of them also had bad experience with choux pastry. I think once you get a good batch, you know what to look out for. (It’s just usually, mixing in the pan after adding flour, adjusting amount of egg, or timing of opening the oven.) Give it a go again! 🙂

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