Buttermilk Tin Loaf

I bake tin loafs quite often, because my kids love soft white bread for breakfast. (post about White Tin Loaf updated with recipe, and also here Square Tin Loaf-plain milk white)

When Sabine from Mamangerie wrote about a lovely bread she made using buttermilk, I was very excited.
I use buttermilk for Irish soda bread and wheaten, but those breads raise with baking soda+baking powder. I had never thought about using buttermilk for yeast bread. So I decided to try using buttermilk in my tin loaf to see how it work out.

P1070316 (640x481)

The result was fantastic. The bread raised well, and it was moist and tasty. It has slightly tangy flavour but it is the charm of buttermilk.

P1070321 (640x481)

Since I stop buying bread for Lent, I didn’t really stop the Lent after Easter. I bought one pack of loaf on Easter Sunday and a couple of snack bread for kids after that. I kept baking most of the breads we eat at home, and tin loaf is vital part of our everyday breakfast. It is great to have these variations in my tin loaf recipe, so that this basic bread never get boring.

Another variation I liked was raisin bread.
P1070242 (640x481)

P1070243 (640x481)
I put some large raisins to the buttermilk bread dough, and baked this loaf in a silicon loaf tin which is slightly bigger than my usual bread tin.

White Tin Loaf with Buttermilk

  • Servings: 1.5 lb bread tin OR slightly larger tin if you are adding raisin
  • Difficulty: easy/intermediate
  • Print

strong flour…….350g (for open top, mountain shape loaf.  If you like to put raisin in, reduce to 300g and adjust quantity of ingredients below accordingly OR use slightly bigger tin as I did for the picture above)

buttermilk (just slightly warm or room temperature) …….240-250cc

raisin if using…….70g or so, as much as you like

1. Knead dough, without butter for 5 min using a mixer. Or knead by hand for bit longer.
2. Add butter, and knead further 5 min. This bread really needs good kneading. Dough will be silky smooth. (If you want to add raisin, add now, and knead more to mix raisin in)
3. Place dough in lightly oiled bowl and leave in warm place for 90min to 2 hours, until the dough is double in size. It will get nice and big.
4. Gently take the dough out in lightly floured surface. Divide the dough into 2 or 3. Gently form the dough into a ball, take bench time for 20 min, covered with plastic or tea towel.
5. Shape the dough: take each ball, flatten them gently, take top 1/3 and fold down. lift bottom 1/3 and fold up. pinch the joint gently to stick. Dough is now fat sausage shape. Flat them a little, then roll. Do same for the rest, and place them in oiled tin.
6. Leave to rise for second time, covered, in warm place for 45 min to 1 hour or so, till it’s head come out the tin. (or up to 80% of the tin, if you are going to use a lid)
7. Bake in the preheated oven 220C for about 30min.
(when I am using a lid, I bake it for 22min, turn off oven and leave it in for 15 min.)
8. As soon as it comes out of oven, take it out of the tin, leave it to cool in wired lack. Once cooled, keep in plastic bag or air tight container to keep soft.

I like those bread with butter and jam for breakfast. It is such a treat to have freshly baked warm bread, but I tend to bake them in the evening, as I don’t have time to bake before weekday breakfast. Those bread are nice and soft at breakfast next morning, and it is lovely toasted a day after that.

Happy Fiesta Friday!!
Have a nice weekend.


23 thoughts on “Buttermilk Tin Loaf

  1. I need to buy me some bread tins so I can make some loaved like these. Great job, thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday 🙂

    1. Bread tin is handy to have if you like toast or sandwich bread. If you haven’t got one, you can use rectangle cake tin, like I did for raisin bread here. Thanks for coming around, Jess. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Welcome Welcome Welcome Weebirdie!! Thank you so much for bringing this absolutely beautiful bread to Fiesta Friday’s table!! I would totally use the raisins… this looks so delicious!! I’m so happy you stopped by with this recipe, and I know that everyone else is going to love this!! Have a lovely weekend… ❤

  3. Beautiful photos, I love making bread. This looks fantastic, thanks so much for bringing it to the party! 🙂

  4. It’s so cool to see that you liked making bread enough to keep doing so after Lent! Looks delicious too! Have a wonderful weekend, and happy fiesta. 🙂

    1. Once I started the Lent, not buying bread at shop became usual at my house, and I couldn’t stop. I make variety of bread to suit my time schedule, and we are going fine without shop bread so far. 🙂

  5. This looks like the perfect loaf of bread! I especially like the sounds of the one with raisins added. I bet it would be delicious toasted served along with coffee or tea. 🙂

    1. Thank you! My kids like those soft breads, where me and husband likes hard bread as well as those soft ones time to time. It’s good bread for making sandwich for kids’ lunch pack. 🙂

  6. ummmm….I love using buttermilk in bread recipes. It makes bread so fluffy and adds a nice richness. I used buttermilk in my potato bread a few weeks back. Your loaves are so perfect and that raisin bread looks delish too! Have a great day!

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