Baby Girl Cake

I am baking as usual this week, but I don’t seem to have any presentable picture. So I did a bit of looking around for old picture I haven’t put it up.

I made this cake a month a go or so, for new grandparents, our favourite green grocers. Their little veg shop is just around our house, and we go to shop there a few times a week, as we eat lots of veg and fruits. They have been good to us, being very kind to my boys since they were babies.

Then, they became grandparents for first time, for a little baby girl.
It’s was really nice, as many customers were aware that they were waiting for a baby any day soon, and finally the news came one day.

P1070306 (640x481)Simple pink baby girl cake.
It’s Victoria sponge with strawberry jam + butter cream inside.

P1070303 (640x481)

P1070304 (640x481)

Congratulation to L&P for new baby grand-daughter.

And this is what I bring to Fiesta Friday this week. Anyone for more cake?
Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!!

(May 2014)

37 thoughts on “Baby Girl Cake

    1. Pink cake is lovely, isn’t it? I have two boys and never made pink cake for myself. Apparently this year’s birthday cake for them should be dinosaurs and football… pink is far away.

    1. Yeah, they are nice to all the customers, but I go there almost every other day with boys, so they know us well. 🙂 I like shopping in small independent shops like this as much as possible.

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