Football Chocolate Birthday Cake

Time is flying.
My first son lost his first two milk teeth recently, and celebrated his 7th birthday the other day. I cannot believe my wee man is 7 years old, (or rather strangely, I really cannot get my head around to the fact that he gonna be 8 next year. 8 years sounds like a really big boy.)

He usually takes a birthday cake to school to celebrate with his classmate on his birthday. This is the cake I made for him this year.

P1090886 (640x481)

Since he moved to new school last year, he is into anything sporty, especially football. I think the football coach coming to the school every Friday made such a impression on him. He loves watching ‘Match of the day’ (BBC’s football programme, usually on Sat evening, but repeated next day 7:30am!) on Sunday morning. He’d wake us up very early just to make sure he doesn’t miss it.

P1090889 (640x481)

He loved those little plastic footballers, and played with them for ages.

P1090915 (640x481)

He doesn’t have much of sweet tooth, but he loves chocolate. So it has to be a chocolate cake  for him. And he loved it!
I am always looking for a good chocolate sponge recipe for this type of birthday cake, but this one was quite close to what I am looking for. Light, moist enough but not soggy. Easy to cut and handle. Very quick and easy as well.


Chocolate cake was made with recipe of Nigella Lawson’s  Old fashioned chocolate cake. I multiply 1.5 times, and baked in large rectangular oven tray. cut in half to make two layer.

Chocolate butter icing in middle and cover. (which I made up)
Green fondant icing on top.
Royal icing goal and line. Football is made with fondant icing.
Plastic football figures are bought from a cake decoration shop.


P1090892 (640x481)

I received a hand made birthday card from school with a picture of my son blowing candles with his classmates. He looked so happy, and the card will be my treasure.

(Oct 2014)


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