Dinosaur Cake – iced version

My boys birthdays are just 10 days apart. Once I made a cake for my big boy (football cake), I started to think about my little one’s cake.

My wee boy became 4 years old this year. He loves dinosaurs, so I made this iced Victoria sponge cake for him to take to his pre-school on his birthday.

P1090975 (640x481)

It’s simple Victoria sponge, with vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam.

P1090976 (640x481)

P1090974 (640x481)

Its decoration is nothing spectacular, but it is easy to cut and share in a busy pre-school.
My wee one told me that all of his friend sang “happy birthday” and his teacher served him a slice first. He seemed rather chuffed with that.

Next post, I’ll put second dinosaur cake which I made for his DINO party.


5 thoughts on “Dinosaur Cake – iced version

    1. I had 2 separate parties once when my boys was 4 yrs (with school friend) and 1 yrs (with family friend), within 10 days apart and I was exhausted! So, I did combined big parties for last 2 years. But now my young one started school and having his own friends, it feels impossible to have both boys parties together. We did party only for little one this year, but we still had about 30 kids running around….wild.

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