Dinosaur Cake – cream version

Every year since my first one was born, we did birthday party, inviting friends and their kids, and classmates nowadays.
Last year, we had a cowboy theme party for both boys.
This year, my big one didn’t seem so fussed about party, so we went out and took him for ten pin bowling instead. He really enjoyed it.
My little one wanted to have a Dinosaur Party for his birthday. I wasn’t sure if I am up for it this year but I deiced to give it a go again.

P1100010 (640x481)

He already took a cake for his birthday at his pre-school (dinosaur cake – iced version), so I made different type of cake for the party. It’s genoise sponge with fresh cream, raspberry and white chocolate shaving in the middle.

P1100057 (640x481)

Then topped with pale green colour coconuts and more white chocolate, and dinosaur biscuits.

P1100059 (640x481)
(T-Rex couldn’t stand up on his own feet, so he decided to stay down and spy on those sweet looking herbivorous. )

Big rocks are shop bought chocolate coated Brazil nuts and small ones are chocolate raisins.

Those cookies cutter is from Lake Land.
Very good cutter, sharp cut and cute shape. Four different shape of dinosaur.

I also made a few more things with dinosaur theme, but as I was frantically cooking and serving party food, I didn’t have a chance to take a shot.

Anyhow, my boys enjoyed the party with friends, and some animals!

P1090996 (481x640)
  “ROARRRR! I’m FOUR!!!”

Have a nice weekend!
And happy Fiesta Friday! (Yes, I managed to put a post on Friday, Yay!)

(Nov 2014)


14 thoughts on “Dinosaur Cake – cream version

  1. This is the CUTEST thing, I’ll have to show my friend, she has a little boy that would absolutely love this!! You did an amazing job, thanks for sharing!!

      1. Great point actually- kids can be picky about certain things (even cake sometimes!)- but never EVER cookies! 🙂

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