Cake Sale

I had a wonderful opportunity to open my ‘cake shop’ at Japanese women’s coffee morning club last month. ( It was end of November, but time is flying since we hit December, and I haven’t had a chance to post photo. Phew! )

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I made several type of cakes, some traditional Japanese, and some other cakes which are common in Japanese cake shop. (With excitement and stress of organizing everything, I forgot to take my camera, so my friend Y-san kindly took photos of cake sale on her phone and send it to me. Thanks, Y-san! And I manage to take a few more photo at home afterwards.)

u5199u771F 4 (1)u5199u771F 3 (2)
HIOMAME DAIFUKU (rice bumpling with Azuki bean paste with salted red pea)

u5199u771F 5u5199u771F 2 (2)
CHIGO DAIFUKU (Rice dumpling with Azuki beans with fresh strawberry)
You may find this combination strange, it is certainly not traditional. But it is now common to see this at Japanese WAGASHI (traditional Japanese cake) shop in Spring time.

u5199u771F 5 (1)
reen tea & Azuki Millecrepe: Layers of thin crepe and green tea cream and Azuki bean cream.

u5199u771F 4P1100149 (640x481)
ilk Chocolate Cake: Simple cocoa genoise sponge and milk chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate macaroon.
My son’s favorite is those simple chocolate cake.

u5199u771F 3 (1)P1100146 (640x481)
ont Blanc: Chestnuts cake, it is French cake, but very popular in Japan in Autumn.
[Almond meringue base, creme pat, chopped sweeten chestnuts, whipped cream, and then covered with chestnuts cream topped with chestnuts. sugar coated hazelnuts at bottom. ]

It’s a time consuming thing to make it from scratch, but it taste wonderful. I only make them in Autumn when fresh chestnuts are in season. I am still learning how to cook sweeten chestnuts (SHIBUKAWANI) perfectly like my granny would have done. But it is a skill and also it depends on quality/freshness of chestnuts you can get.

To whom wondering why it is not white, even if it is called white mountain (mont blanc), nowadays, Mont Blanc is just a name for this cake, this cake doesn’t have to be white on top at all. Sometime you see them with dusting of icing sugar, but I just didn’t have non-melt icing sugar. You can sprinkle usual icing sugar if you are eating it straight away.

u5199u771F 2 (1)

P1100142 (640x481) P1100144 (640x481)
aspberry mousse cake: Mousse cake is very popular in Japan. Many cakes sold in Japan contain some sort of mousse. I guess Japanese likes soft light texture in their cake. I love sharp fruits in my cake, so I love those raspberry mousse.

[from bottom, genoise sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam, raspberry puree, vanilla bavarois, raspberry mousse, raspberry gel, topped with fresh raspberry and white chocolate decoration]

P1100155 (640x481)
 little box set packed for a friend’s order. Thanks to many friends who came to buy my cake. It was fun to try my ‘pop cup cake shop’.

Have a nice weekend!


6 thoughts on “Cake Sale

  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful spread. Unique opportunity to have beautifully made Japanese style confectionery at a home environment with lady-friends. I wish I was a member of your ‘Japanese women’s coffee morning club’! I used to be a member of ‘Japanese women cooking gathering’. Since I was not Japanese by birth, they called me the honorary Japanese. I was very proud of that.

    1. You are certainly qualified as a ‘honorary Japanese’, Fae-san. Local lady here who is also ‘honarary Japanese’ hosts this coffee morning. I used to host Japanese mum&tot as well, it is nice to chat in Japanese with other ladies. 🙂

  2. どれも力作ですね。モンブラン、うーん、食べたい!また、個人的には、イチゴの季節になれば、シンプルなイチゴのショートケーキをお願いしたいなあ。

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