Yule Log Birthday Cake (and the end of 2014)

I wanted to squeeze this Christmasy post in this year, 2014. Just managed with a few hours to spare.

P1100186 (640x481)

This cake was an order from a friend as a gift, the friend’s friend was celebrating her granddaughter’s birthday just before Christmas. So I made Christmas-y chocolate-y cake with full of little decorations. (She ordered smaller one for her own family. Thanks, K-san!)

It’s cocoa chiffon sponge roll cake, filled with caramel cream, coated with milk chocolate ganache.

P1100188 (640x481)
Chocolate squirrels collecting some caramel hazelnuts. (see the post about chocolate squirrel here)

P1100189 (640x481)
eringue mushroom, coated with white chocolate.

P1100191 (640x481)


2014 has been good year for me, but it was also a year to make me think lots about life and time. My grannies (both) had fallen ill while I was in Japan in summer, and one of my granny had past away since then. A few more loss and life changing things happening around my family and friends, it made me think. It’s difficult to contemplate clearly, but something is there to be thought about and brought into my life. Whatever that is, that is my new year’s resolution. Well, I need to give it a New Year pondering, while others party tonight.

Happy new year to everyone!!


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