Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

I made these mousse cakes some time ago, but this is the perfect opportunity to write a post about it. Something special for Fiesta Friday Anniversary Party Part 2!

It was an order from a friend for hen party. She wanted individual, mousse or cream cakes which she would find in Japanese cake shops. I thought and thought, and came up with an idea for pink and chocolaty cake, something special and elegant.

P1100168 (640x481)
When I discussed this idea with a friend who ordered those cakes, she told me that bridal theme color was black. Dark chocolate coating of the cake fitted perfectly!

P1100172 (640x481)

P1100175 (640x481)
(Inside: it is a bit messy picture. This was the one I squashed the top by accident, and ended up in my mouth.)

Base was thin flourless chocolate cake, topped with tangy raspberry mouse, then chocolate mousse, coated with dark chocolate coating. I used gold shimmering powder and broken fresh raspberry on top.

I love sharpness of berry with sweet chocolate. These combination will be the one I cannot resist in Japanese cake shop.

P1100171 (640x481)

Another big THANK YOU, for hosting this big Fiesta Friday Anniversary Party, Angie and this week’s co-hosts, Selma @ Selma’s Table and Nancy @ Feasting with Friends. I am looking forward to seeing lots of main course and dessert this week. Yum!

Have a nice weekend!


14 thoughts on “Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

  1. These are the perfect contribution to celebrate the Fiesta Friday anniversary! They look so elegant and I imagine the flavors are delectable. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe with all of us at the FF party!

    1. Thank you for coming around, Nancy. I love the sharp raspberry in sweet chocolate, it was tasty! (Sorry, I didn’t post recipe for this, it is a bit of long one. Just keep it as an idea post for baking. )

  2. I saw the picture and had to click on it! I LOVE chocolate and raspberry together (I think it goes better than Strawberry and Chocolate!) and these look absolutely wonderful! I would love to try and make this… I’m sure it won’t be nearly as beautiful as yours but I am still very motivated! 🙂

    1. ありがとうー!I thought a tiny bit of gold leaf paper will be good, but I couldn’t get it this time, so I used gold shimmer powder. It gave enough a shine to a cake fit for hens!

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