Orange Almond Cake with Chocolate Cage No2

This orange and almond cake has a big fan. A friend of mine orders it time to time, whenever she is having special occasion with her friend who has gluten allergy.

This time she only needed small cake, but rose and chocolate caging were called for to celebrate her friend birthday.

Remember this post?

P1070188 (640x481)
Orange and Almond Cake with Chocolate Cage (reviewed recipe there)

First time I tried this cage, I used white chocolate to contrast with dark chocolate ganache. It was lovely and I love the look.
However, the friend wanted dark chocolate only this time, as another friend of hers does not like white chocolate.
Well, that’s I am here for. These sort of tweaking can be only possible because you are ordering your cake, not buying from a shop.

Ta darrrr….

P1100381 (640x481)
(Spayed part had birthday lady’s name, not anything rude in case you are wondering! Just I haven’t asked her if she is happy with her name out here.)

Well, I said I liked white cage before, but black on black wasn’t bad.

P1100383 (640x481)

Sorry no inside picture of this cake, it had two layer of 15cm orange almond cake, with more chocolate ganache in the middle. The cage/ring is 18cm, dark chocolate. This cake is very moist and orangey, as it contains whole boiled orange. Very different from usual sponge.

P1100386 (640x481)

Chocolate rose are made of chocolate clay. White leaves and birthday lady’s name are piped white chocolate.

P1100384 (640x481)

Happy Fiesta Friday! No54  This week’s hosts are Angie@thenovicegardener and co-hosts Sonal @simplyvegetarian777 and Josette @thebrookcook. Thank you for all the hard work!

Have a nice weekend!!

27 thoughts on “Orange Almond Cake with Chocolate Cage No2

    1. Thanks, Dini! All you need to make cage is chocolate, cake ring and a bit of non-stick paper. I think my first post about the chocolate cage has a link to a post by Evelyn. She tells you how to do them very well, if you want to make one. 🙂

  1. Stunning!! I always think that I bake a nice cake- but I’ve never combined it with a fabulous cage! So pretty- all types!! Happy FF- Thanks for bringing such a lovely dessert- hope you enjoy the party!! 🙂 Josette

    1. Thank you for coming around, Josette! It’s a strange cake you use whole orange, cooked and pureed, but quick and simple cake as it is. But the cage & rose make it special fit for a birthday, I think. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Julianna! I learnt this technique from other blogger (her post is linked to my first chocolate cage post.) It’s very nice to get idea and learn new technique from other bloggers. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I learnt how to do this from another blogger. Her post is linked to my first cage cake post. Her post had a good instruction, if you’d like to try making one. 🙂

  2. 久しぶりに訪問しました。サイトのデザインが一新してて、ますますいい感じになってます〜!

    1. ちょっとずついじって、変えてみようかなぁ、と。でも、それからすぐpcを落として、今、古いpcと新しいタブレットでネットしてます。:(💨

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